Beretta PX4 Storm Compact Carry Finally Arrives! | SHOT 2017

    At the 2017 SHOT Show Beretta finally announced they are shipping their new PX4 Storm Compact Carry. This pistol is specifically aimed at the concealed carry gun owners, and was originally shown at last year’s SHOT Show by firearms instructor and design contributor Ernest Langdon. The Beretta Storm PX4 Compact Carry is an enhanced version of the original PX4 Compact, the mid-size PX4 between the Full size and Sub-Compact.

    When Langdon first looked into the PX4 Storm as a concealed carry, off-duty pistol in 2015 he had a lot of questions about several features (previously reported by Nicholas C here). However, when he talked to Beretta representatives they already had developed optional parts for these concerns. The newly released Compact Carry is a culmination of the features Langdon felt would make the PX4 more user-friendly, including internal enhancements to make the action smoother. Beretta fans will likely find the upgrades very appealing over the original design.

    New Beretta PX4 Compact Carry

    The new Beretta PX4 Compact Carry will maintain the DA/SA action common to the PX4 family. Since the PX4 Compact was aimed at concealed carry uses, Langdon had Beretta switch the slide lock lever and manual de-cocker for low profile Beretta alternatives. The new controls sit nearly flush with the pistol’s frame, but are still easily manipulated by the shooter through serrations on their outer edges.

    Slim controls, a Cerakote slide finish, and Talon grips are some of the enhancements.

    The new PX4 Compact Carry slide is slimmer and more low-profile as well. In addition, Beretta has added a Cerakote gray finish to the Compact Carry slide. This enhancement not only brings a new and popular look to the PX4 Storm Compact Carry, it also acts as an excellent form of corrosion resistance.

    According to Langdon, one of the complaints with the original PX4 Storm was the grip being too slick for confident grip control while shooting. Langdon originally used a rubberized add-on grip, but then added his own stippling on his own PX4 Storm Compact’s grip. The newly released PX4 Storm Compact Carry has tailor-made Talon textured grips to satisfy the need for added traction. Though they have a much more aggressive texture, the Talon Grips are still comfortable.

    The Ameriglo front sight really stands out.

    Langdon did not favor the original Beretta 3-dot sight configuration on the PX4 Storm Compact, so instead had Beretta switch the Compact Carry sights to an Ameriglo orange front sight and an all black U-notch rear sight. Both sights are dove-tailed for easy maintenance or replacement. The Ameriglo sight is very bright, providing a stark color contrast for fast target acquisition in daylight or darkness. One hesitation of mine; however, is in lower light situations it will be harder for the shooter to verify the front sight is leveled for proper and intended shot placement.

    Finally, Langdon knows how important a smooth action is for quality shooting. With his guidance, Beretta went inside the new PX4 Compact Carry to plate and polish the critical trigger group and internal parts for a much smoother action while firing and cycling. The springs were also coated to improve performance.

    The plated and polished internal mechanisms provide a smoother action.

    The new PX4 Storm Compact Carry had an official “New” label from Beretta on the Show floor, and according to Langdon, they are being shipped to dealers now. It would appear this year the pistol is actually coming to fruition, as it is now officially recognized on Beretta USA’s website. The new PX4 Storm should be extremely popular among Beretta fans, but will likely draw many other concealed carry (CCW) and new shooters as well.

    The MSRP for the PX4 Storm Compact Carry, may be one of the only hurdles. Where the original PX4 Storm had a suggested price around $650.00, the new Compact Carry will recommend $899.00. Market prices will obviously bring this price down $100 or so, but there are a lot of other options for concealed carry that cost much less. Will the enhancements be worth the added cost? Time will have to tell.

    Beretta PX4 Storm Compact Carry Upgrades

    • Compact but Full Grip for Most Shooters
    • PX4 Specific Talon Grips
    • Low Profile Slide Lock Lever and Manual Safety De-Cocker
    • Trigger Group and Internal Parts Plated for Smoother Action
    • Improved Coated Springs
    • Thinner Cerokote Gray Slide
    • Ameriglo Orange Front Sight
    • (3) Sizes of Magazine Release Button – Easily Changed
    • Ships with (3) 15-round Magazines.

    The Cerakote gray finished slide looks good and provides great protection.

    Beretta PX4 Compact Carry Specifications

    • Action: DA/SA
    • Calibers: 9mm (Only at this time)
    • Material: Steel slide, Polymer frame
    • Overall Height: 5 inches
    • Overall Length: 6.8 inches (9mm)
    • Overall Width: 1.42 inches
    • Sight radius: 5.2 inches
    • Weight: 27.2 ounces (9mm)
    • MSRP: $899.00.

    Overall the upgraded PX4 Storm Compact Carry is very nice.

    Aaron is a life-long firearm enthusiast and hunter. He has been a police officer for nearly 19 years, and currently is a Sergeant in Special Operations. He has served on the department’s SWAT Team for 14 years, with 8 years as the Sniper Team Leader. When not fussing over fractions of inches, and gut-less wonders, he can usually be found sipping from a ridiculously large coffee mug. Aaron is also the editor and main writer at