MAC Posts Hands On Video of Beretta ARX100

    The Beretta ARX100, the rifle a lot of people have been waiting for for a few years now sounds like it is finally going to be available here in the states.  While at SHOT this year I did ask about the ARX100, and was told they should start shipping sometime in April.  Now June, it looks like they are finally going to be shipping them to dealers.

    I was able to shoot the ARX100 at SHOT, and have to say that it is an interesting rifle in terms of the ergonomics and recoil impulse.  Having the ability to change barrels in less then 30sec is a nice feature, especially if you were wanting to quickly change from a mid-range carbine to a short barreled .300BLK for close in work clearing a building.

    I do look forward to seeing these on the US market as another semi-auto rifle that is not another AR, along the same lines as the Tavor and Sig 556xi. Tim over at MAC runs though some mags, as well as though field stripping and some of the other features.  The ability to field strip and change the charging handle and ejection side with nothing more then a 5.56 round is a really nice touch as well.

    In the first video Tim does say that Pmags are a no-go.  He does correct this as an annotation in the video, and then again later on in another video, which is posted below as well.  Gen3 do not work, as well as some other mags like the Surefire 60.  He does show that the Lancer L5 and Gen2 Pmags do indeed work with the rifle as they are much closer to STANAG 4179 specs, which is what the rifle was designed to work with.  Anything that is designed to flare out just below an AR magwell will probably be a no-go with the ARX100.  Some people I have talked to seem ok with this, and some do not at this point.

    So for those looking for something new that is not an AR platform, there is something else out there about to be released to add to the collection.