Custom Beretta 490 Serpentina Side by Side Shotgun

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by Hrachya H
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Normally, when thinking about a deluxe custom shotgun you are probably depicting a gun covered by complicated engravings such as precious metal inlaid relief hunting scenes or photorealistic Bulino engraving. What Beretta shared on their social media pages are images of a custom shotgun with a completely different minimalistic and simple approach yet still unbelievably beautiful and harmonic in its simplicity. The custom Beretta 490 Serpentina side by side shotgun lacks any engravings whatsoever (not counting the barrel markings and the company name engraved on the bottom portion of the gun).

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The lack of engravings is compensated with a high gloss finish of the metal parts and the wood. The use of ebony wood in conjunction with the black color of the metal parts create a beautiful overall black theme. The side lever, with its simple and elegant silhouette, perfectly integrates into the harmony of lines.

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Another design element that you may not have noticed immediately but what definitely contributes to the overall look of the gun is the absence of checkering both on the stock and on the forearm.

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Besides the great idea of a completely black, shiny, non-engraved and non-checkered shotgun, the gun also looks to have an exceptional fit and finish which is not surprising to see on a Beretta shotgun and especially on a custom one. Take a look at the image below. It almost seems like the barrel and the receiver are a single part.

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Beretta masters also made a black leather gun case for this 490 Serpentina.

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If you visit Beretta’s website you can see that there is another custom 490 Serpentina which has a different color scheme with the same non-engraved and non-checkered solution. Below you can see a video demonstrating that Beretta shotgun and if you want to learn more about that particular gun, click here to proceed to the Beretta website.

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  • Rex Rex on Jul 29, 2018

    It is mostly for climaxing not for shooting.

  • Colonel K Colonel K on Jul 29, 2018

    Reminds me of a Winchester Model 24. They were marketed as low cost budget shotguns to compete with the Stevens 311 and cheap foreign imports. Only about 116,000 were ever made, so their success was moderate. Maybe Winchester could reintroduce them in a glossy finish to compete with the new Beretta, but it would have to be at a price point that beats their competitor.