Kim Rhode Has Won A Medal For Six Consecutive Olympics

    Everyone is amazed at Michael Phelps’ staggering medal count in just 4 consecutive Olympics. From 2004 to 2016. However there is another US Olympian who has gone to 6 straight Olympics and has won a medal every time. Since 1996 and on to the current 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Kim Rhode has won a medal every time she has gone to the Olympics.


    1996 Atlanta – Gold Medal Double Trap

    2000 Sydney – Bronze Double Trap

    2004 Athens – Gold Double Trap

    2008 Beijing – Silver Skeet

    2012 London – Gold Skeet

    2016 Rio – Bronze Skeet

    That makes Kim the most successful female shooter at the Olympics and the only triple Olympic Champion. Kim is the only woman to have won two Olympic gold medals for Double Trap. She is also the first Olympian to win medals on five different continents.



    Here is an interview filmed before the London games.


    What an amazing record. While Phelps has an impressive medal count, There are other Olympians also worth our admiration and respect. Congratulations Kim.

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