New Beretta DT11 Black PRO Over & Under Competition Shotgun

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    Beretta has introduced an advanced competition version of their D11 Black over and under shotgun. The new shotgun is called DT11 Black PRO. The main difference from the base model is the adjustable stock. Let’s go through the features of this shotgun.

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    This shotgun features the Beretta B-Fast barrel balancing system. It consists of a set of barrel weights (6 of 5 gram (1/6 oz) weights, another 6 of 10 gram (1/3oz) ones and two larger 15 gram (1/2 oz) weighs) which are inserted into the slots in the side rib. It allows to perfectly balance the shotgun to the requirements of any particular shooter.

    The DT11 Black PRO shotgun also features a carbon fiber trigger plate with an adjustable trigger. The top rib is also made of carbon fiber which is attached to the gun via a weld-free technology.

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    The barrels used in these shotguns are Beretta’s Steelium Pro barrels which feature an 18″ (480mm) forcing cone. The long forcing cone is advertised to reduce the felt recoil and minimize the muzzle rise. The shotguns are available in Trap, Skeet and Sporting versions. First two versions come with 30″ (760mm) barrels and the Sporting version is equipped with a 32″ (810mm) one. Here is how the Steelium Pro barrels are described on the company’s website:

    Steelium Pro: The production technology of Beretta barrels is a truly unique manufacturing process where proprietary formula tri-alloy steel is gun-drilled, hammer forged, vacuum heat treated resulting in steel with the ideal structure and durability for superior ballistic performance.

    Stocks of the DT11 Black PRO shotguns are made by an Italian company called TSK. These stocks have amazing adjustability options. They can be adjusted to fit virtually any body shape of any shooter. You can read more about the TSK stocks by visiting the company’s website or reading a TFB article telling about them.

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    Beretta has also released a video showing how to install and adjust the TSK stocks. You can find that video below.

    Beretta DT11 Black Pro shotguns also have interchangeable sight beads and come with a set of chokes. You can learn more about this shotgun by watching the video embedded below.

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