TSK Adjustable Shotgun Stocks made in Italy

    An Italian company called TSK makes a competition O&U shotgun stock, which is adjustable in any imaginable way. With the number of adjustability options it offers, it should be possible to tune it for virtually any shooter. Let’s take a look at its different features.

    The cheek piece can be adjusted both vertically…

    … and horizontally:

    It allows 25 mm (about an inch) of length of pull adjustment.


    You can adjust the height and angle of the butt plate, too.

    Also, you can change not only the butt plate but also the recoil pad cant.

    Note that there are micrometer style markings all over the metal parts of the stock. These allow to know and fix the exact amount of each part’s adjustment.

    TSK stocks are available in several metal finishes and lengths. You can also choose to have a carbon fiber shaft instead of the metal one. The cheek pieces are available in many different shapes and sizes. There are also leather covered cheek piece options. Buttpad shape and material choice is wide too. The metal parts are made of some kind of high strength alloy (not specified) with the exception of screws which are stainless steel. The wooden portion is made of walnut. The overall weight of the stock is 2lb 1oz.

    The TSK stocks are available for the following shotgun models:

    • Caesar Guerini Summit
    • Krieghoff K80
    • Marocchi EVO
    • Beretta 680, 682, 692, DT10, DT11, ASE
    • Perazzi MX8, MX2000, HT
    • Rizzini BR440
    • Zoli Z-Gun, Kronos

    For the pricing, you need to go to the online configurator on their website, choose all the options you want and then they’ll send you a quotation. I chose what I would like to have, but haven’t received a price offer yet. I think this kind of “device” will come at a price.

    Hrachya H

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