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For the Ladies: Top 5 Worst Choices in Guns for Women #femaleshooters #nolatac #mansplaining

STOP MANSPLAINING GUNS TO WOMEN #stayinyourlane Brannon LeBouef, owner of NOLATAC Training and The St Bernard Indoor Shooting Center discusses the top 5 worst possible pieces of advice that women often get in regards to the best gun for them and why they should seek professional firearms education [Read More…]

MePaBlu's Line of Female-Specific Hearing Protection Guns for Women Let’s Get to What Really Matters (3) Beretta SL3 Vittoria Alata Wiland USA MLCS-11 (1) Beretta 687 Silver Pigeon III Over&Under Shotgun (2) Galco offers purses with specialized pistol pockets, like this "Dyna" model. tokarev PRIME vs RUAG Linda Harris Memorial Scholarship Banner NEW Sellier & Bellot SCREEN AMMO Training Ammunition Line (1) SIRCA TEC SLF-X Pisol Project (6) Photo courtesy of Off The Grid News

[SHOT 2018] High Threat Concealment’s New Products for 2018

High Threat Concealment (HTC) specializes in providing concealed tactical gear for armed professionals demanding a low profile signature as well as the civilian wanting to utilize the best gear. The HTC line is modular allowing for scalability based on threat and need. [Read More…]

[SHOT 2018] An Off-The-Record Discussion with NSSF

There are a lot of cool new toys and gadgets every year at SHOT Show. But let’s not forget who organizes and sponsors this amazing gathering each year – the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF). I stopped by the NSSF booth for an unofficial chat with [Read More…]

Blown Deadlines, Pumpkin Carving Bulletproof Vests, Women-Owned Gun Companies, and More – Oh My! (A Virgin’s SHOT Show Experience – Preview Edition)

Next week, I’ll be attending SHOT Show in Las Vegas for the first time. I’ve read about it, my husband has been several times, but this will be my first experience…and I get to do it as MEDIA! Honestly, I’m as giddy as a schoolgirl! Sure, several of my articles [Read More…]