Wiland USA MLCS-11 Chassis for Ruger 10/22 Rifles

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    On October 22, the 10/22 day, a South Carolina company called Wiland USA released a chassis for the ever-popular Ruger 10/22 rimfire rifle. This new chassis is called MLCS-11 which stands for Modular Lightweight Chassis System. Apparently, it is primarily aimed to the rimfire competition shooting community, however, I think anyone who wants to add modularity and modern ergonomics to the humble 10/22, will find it interesting, too. Let’s see what features the new Wiland USA MLCS-11 Ruger 10/22 chassis packs.

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    Here is an excerpt from the product announcement that Wiland USA posted on their social media pages telling about the development of this product.

    The bar was set high….every single piece on this design has been looked at, designed, redesigned, prototyped, shot in matches, redesigned possibly many times again, retested, etc. The main body and main components had over 350 revisions throughout the design.
    We sincerely hope you all will enjoy and benefit from the 1000+ man hours and serious investment we have made here at Wiland USA, that went into our cutting edge, lightweight chassis system.

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    The Wiland USA MLCS-11 consists of the main body made of CNC machined aluminum, 10″ round carbon fiber handguard, carbon fiber stock tube, buttplate, and polymer pistol grip. All these components together weigh in at 20 oz. The installation of the Ruger 10/22 action into the MLCS-11 chassis requires no modifications to the gun and the chassis comes with the tools necessary for the installation.

    The MLCS-11 chassis fits any 10-22 envelope rifle receiver and barrel and is also compatible with ambidextrous charging handles. The magazine well is designed to allow for a better purchase when removing stubborn magazines. The trigger mechanism can be removed without disassembling the rifle from the chassis. The stock is in line with the bore axis. The stock tube height, butt plate angle, length of pull, butt plate cant, and trigger to grip distance are adjustable. The main body of the chassis is Cerakoted and is available in three color options: Tactical Gray, NRA Blue, or Smith & Wesson Red.

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    The MSRP of Wiland USA MLCS-11 chassis is $350. The current lead time is two weeks. Additionally, you can order an optional 1-pound adjustable weight kit, 4-way adjustable cheek riser and a handstop. More optional accessories such as buttplates and grips designed for juniors and female shooters are in the works. The MLCS-11 chassis is completely made in the USA and covered by Wiland USA’s 2 Million Round Warranty.

    Images by Wiland USA, www.wilandusa.com

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