Concealed Carry for Women: Galco Purses are Holster Handbags

    Galco offers purses with specialized pistol pockets, like this "Dyna" model.

    Galco offers purses with specialized pistol pockets, like this "Dyna" model.

    Unfortunately, a common complaint among female shooters is that women’s fashion is just not well-suited to concealed carry. For most men, concealment usually tends to be relatively easy. Whether we’re just in casual jeans and t-shirts, business attire with collared shirts tucked in, even with full suit-and-tie events, it’s not too often that we’ll find difficulty including a quality belt that’s employed to properly support a quality IWB holster. The Arizona-based holster-smiths at Galco Gunleather are no strangers to tackling unusual or unconventional carry solutions. Among their standard holsters and other products, some of their offerings include pistol-ready day planners and tablet cases. Looking to provide the ladies with some tailor-made solutions, Galco makes a line of concealed carry-focused purses, and they discuss these options in the following July 23rd press release.

    Another handbag option that's a little higher-end, this "Metropolitan" model carries a $300 MSRP versus $190 for the "Dyna" shown above.

    Another handbag option that’s a little higher-end, this “Metropolitan” model carries a $300 MSRP versus $190 for the “Dyna” shown above.

    July 23, 2020 – Phoenix


    Effective concealment can be challenging when hot weather arrives and we wear fewer layers of clothing. One solution is holsters carried openly that don’t look like holsters – what we at Galco call “hidden open carry.” This category includes holster handbags for women, as well as briefcases, messenger bags, and even backpacks for both sexes.

    With a line of eight leather holster handbags to choose from, female gun carriers have options that fit their personal style. All feature a gun compartment that is separate from the main body of the handbag, with a locking zipper pull for added security. An internal elasticized nylon gun pocket fits a broad range of handguns and keeps the firearm in a consistent position for a fast draw. MSRP varies from $175 to $355.

    The innovative CarrySafe™ 2.0 allows safe and effective handgun carry in
    handbags, briefcases, messenger and bug-out bags, and innumerable other
    locations. An elasticized nylon holster attaches to a stiff leather backing plate using hook-and-loop pads. A clip on the backing plate allows the user to adjust the ride height of the holster to accommodate different bags and draw preferences, while the hook-and-loop holster attachment method allows infinite variation in holster angle. A reinforced thumb break strap offers excellent retention with a fast draw. The included accessory carrier can be quickly and easily adjusted to fit a spare magazine, speed loader, E-Z Loader, flashlight, pepper spray, and many other accessories. MSRP is $52.

    All carry methods must balance lifestyle and threat environment. Hidden open carry holsters are a worthy addition to a gun carrier’s personal holster wardrobe. They allow the gun carrier, no matter how they may be dressed or how hot it might be, to observe the First Rule of Gunfighting: have a gun!

    See Galco’s complete line of holsters and accessories at!

    If you'd prefer to simply use an insert with a different manufacturer's bag, this "Carrysafe 2.0" insert may work for you.

    If you’d prefer to simply use an insert with a different manufacturer’s bag, this “Carrysafe 2.0” insert may work for you.

    We’d love to hear from our female readership, or from you gentlemen who have concealed-carrying women in your lives. What are our better halves finding does or doesn’t work for female EDC? Any experience with Galco’s handbags? Has this now introduced you to them for the first time, and you’d like to give them a try? Let us know what you think in the comments! See you at the range.

    Photos courtesy of Galco Gunleather.
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