USCCA Announces Linda Harris Memorial Scholarship

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    In a touching act of remembrance, US Concealed Carry announced late this January that they were establishing the Linda Harris Memorial Scholarship. Linda passed away at age 68 on September 1st of last year.

    Linda Harris

    The wife of George Harris, co-founder of the SIG Academy, Linda was a lifelong shooter. She was the first female firearms instructor in the history of SIG Sauer, and a tireless educator to the public.

    After her retirement in 2011, Linda focused on her passion for mentoring and educating female shooters. The USCCA press release made a note of her gift of teaching and empowering women throughout the world. It included the following quote from her husband.

    Linda had the ability to connect with personalities of all types—young, old, and in between… both in the classroom and on the range… Her passion was to share her knowledge and experience with other women, inspiring them to embrace the safe and competent use of firearms in a variety of uses.

    During her retirement, she became a tireless advocate for rape and assault victims. She believed firmly that carrying a firearm went hand in hand with that activism, and because of her strong beliefs was a positive influence in countless lives.

    Linda grew up in Louisa, Virginia, and retired with her husband to Brentwood, New Hampshire. She leaves behind her husband, George, her two sons Terry and Derek White, her two daughters Jennifer Harris and Samantha Dunn, her three grandchildren, and her two beloved dogs.

    Memorial Scholarship

    In her honor, USCCA has started the Linda Harris Memorial Scholarship. The scholarship’s webpage (which can be found here) states that the award will be given annually to a deserving female firearms instructor. The winner will receive an all-expenses-paid USCCA training program of her choice. This includes covering the costs of tuition, travel, lodging, and finally, ammunition.

    Winners who are not USCCA certified instructors will attend a USCCA certification class. Further, recipients who are USCCA certified instructors may choose any training course currently offered by the USCCA. The winner will also receive an all-expenses-paid trip to the USCCA Concealed Carry Expo to accept the award.


    Scholarship Announcement


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