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The Uncommon Yet Influential AR-180 - My Favorite Armalite (1)

How To Make An AR-18

GunLab has some excellent photos of the steps involved in making AR-18 upper and lower receivers. The first article shows the stages of stamping the lower, while the second shows the same for the upper. The AR-18 is a design intended to be mass produced by countries [Read More…]

Sterling Armalite AR-18K

The Armalite AR-18 is arguably one of the most influential guns of the 20th century. Many of its gas, bolt and recoil spring features continue to be appropriated in new gun designs. The rifle was a commercial failure, although some of its direct descendants did well. [Read More…]

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Singapore’s SAR-80

Back in January after the hustle and bustle of SHOT Show 2020, I had the pleasure of taking a look inside the armory at Battlefield Vegas. Battlefield Vegas have some amazing firearms in their inventory, one of many rare and interesting rifles you don’t see in the [Read More…]

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