Brownells Adds New BRN-180 Barrel Lengths

Daniel Y
by Daniel Y
Brownells Adds New BRN-180 Barrel Lengths

Brownells continues to expand its BRN-180 offerings with the addition of new barrel lengths. Those new models have either a 14.5 or 13.9-inch barrel. This is excellent news for people who like pinned and welded muzzle devices.

Brownells @ TFB:

Most shooters know that the minimum legal rifle barrel length is 16 inches. Anything less can result in substantial legal jeopardy on par with having an illegal machine gun. However, ATF counts a “permanently attached” muzzle device toward the 16-inch limit. Pinned and welded flash hiders and muzzle brakes on 14.5- or 13.9-inch barrels are the most popular way to get to “permanent” legal length. End users can pick the length that will work with their muzzle device of choice to just make it to 16 inches. Brownells has both barrel lengths in stock. And both the 14.5- and 13.9-inch versions retail for $849.99. You can find them here.

Check Prices on Brownells BRN-180S 13.9'' & 14.5'' Uppers

From the manufacturer:

Designed in conjunction with PWS & FM Products, the Brownells BRN-180S® Complete Upper Receiver is the newest iteration of the BRN-180® Upper Receiver, which was inspired by the Armalite® AR-180 of the 1960s. The BRN-180S® shares a large chunk of components with the BRN-180® but introduces key features to improve reliability and usability in a short configuration.

With an entirely self-contained recoil system, the BRN-180® can be mounted to lower receivers without a buffer tube. This allows for easy compatibility with folding stocks and rear picatinny adapters. Recoil guide rods and buffer easily remove from the rear when removing the upper receiver from the lower. Bolt and carrier easily slide out when removing the charging handle at the rear. Large ejection port allows for ease of access for cleaning.

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    is the charging handle reciprocating?

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      @int19h many, many thanks!

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    They should make the barrels interchangeable