TYPE-A EG-19 Pistol – First Impressions

Patrik O
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TYPE-A EG-19 Pistol – First Impressions

Right before Christmas, I received an exciting call from my local FFL. They had just received a TYPE-A EG-19 with my name on it. Naturally, I dropped whatever “probably important” task I was doing at the time and rushed over there to see this beauty in person. Once I got to my destination and talked to the woman behind the counter, she then retrieved a Pelican case from the back of the store and placed it on the counter in front of me. At first, I thought she must have grabbed the wrong item but then when she unlatched the case and spun the opening to my view, I was delighted to see the EG-19 was within my grasp.


The EG-19 was provided to me by TYPE-A and to my knowledge, this is a loaner pistol and will be returned to the manufacturer after the conclusion of the review. While I appreciate TYPE-A sending me this pistol, this will not impact my opinion on any of their current or future products. I’d like to thank Hornady for supplying a substantial amount of the ammo that will be used for this review.

In case you haven’t heard of TYPE-A, they are a premium/high-end AR-15 manufacturer based out of Grand Rapids, Michigan. Recently they have been coming out with several pistols including the EG-11 and new a family of Glock-based pistols. The company was started back in 2013 by Chris and Brandon, both men with wildly different backgrounds. Brandon was a businessman climbing the corporate ladder who wanted to start selling rifles and outdoor gear. Chris was a massage therapist in Florida who decided to join the Marines and at one point had a side business running guns from Jordan to Iraq. Brandon would meet Chris through one of these gun runs and the two became best friends. Later on, these two men would decide to start their own firearms manufacturing business and that brings us to their company TYPE-A. You can read more about these two here on their website as there are a few interesting notes I have omitted.

Specs – TYPE-A EG-19

The specs below are from the manufacturer:

  • Caliber: 9mm
  • Barrel Length: Hand Fit Match Grade 5″ Stainless Bull Barrel w/polished feed ramps
  • Slide: Hand Fitted with Tri-Cuts
  • Sight Radius (in.): 6.25″
  • Total Weight (41oz.):
  • Trigger Break Weight (lbs.): Hand Fit/Polished 3.5 lbs.
  • Optic Ready (RDS): RMR/SRO Pattern
  • MSRP- $1750 (Pistol came with a $300 Stippling job so more like $2050)

“Our EG19is built off the classic Glock 19 chassis giving you that same reliable feel. It’s billet slide is machined from 17-4PH and features our Iconic TYPE-A Checkered pattern texture throughout the slide. It’s specifically milled for all RMR/SRO patterned optics and features a 416R Match Grade Barrel threaded with 1/2×28 threads (non-threaded versions are available). It’s factory trigger has been replaced with our enhanced TYPE-A trigger shoes and polished trigger bars giving you a very crisp 4-1/2 to 5-1/2 break. It’s equipped with an extended/removable magwell flare to better assist with reloads and comes standard with three 17 round mags w/Lead Faucet Tactical +2 Mag Extension plates. All of the steel components are Black Nitride with a durable layer of Cerakote Ceramic Coating to finish it off, giving you an incredibly beautiful finish. – TYPE-A

Standard Parts

  • Recoil Spring: 9 lbs.
  • Main Spring: 17 lbs.
  • Maxwell: Flared
  • Finish Type:

    Black Nitride w/Cerakote Ceramic CoatingsBlack – MIL-A-8625, Type-III, Class 2 w/Cerakote Ceramic Coating

  • Grip Texture: Iconic TYPE-A Checkered Pattern/Semi Aggressive
  • Grip Material: Hand Fitted Aluminum
  • Safety: Ambi
  • Rail: Full Dust Cover w/Mil-Spec Picatinny Rail

First Impressions

When I first picked up the EG-19, I noticed the weight and feel of the pistol. Coming in at 41oz, this pistol definitely has some heft to it. The stippling job really locked my hands into the grip and the flared mag well made my hand naturally have a higher grasp of the pistol. The slide serrations or checkering may not look appealing to everyone but I love the distinctive visual and feel they provide on the EG-19. There are thumb ledges on either side of the frame which really allow you some extra recoil control. The slide reciprocated much smother than my stock Glocks. Overall this pistol feels great in the hands and like it’s really to help you shred some targets.

First 200 Rounds

With this pistol being so heavy, I expected it to really soak up a lot of the recoil, and it certainly did. The weight combined with the high grip, texturing, thumb ledge, and my TLR-1 made this pistol a joy to shoot as the recoil was minimal. While I’m not a big fan of the stock sights on a pistol at this price point, I’m sure TYPE-A is anticipating everyone to throw a dot on this gun since it is cut for an optic. Still a bit weird in my opinion. My first 200 rounds with the EG-19 went by in a flash as this is a fun gun to shoot. The trigger pull comes in a 3.5 pounds and is certainly better than a stock Glock trigger but I was hoping for a bit more from a gun at this price point. I recently reviewed the DUSK-19 and the trigger on the EG-19 is better than the Dusk but not by much in my opinion. For reference, the DUSK-19 has an MSRP of $650. I had zero malfunctions with the EG-19.

Overall I am currently a big fan of the EG-19 and I’m looking forward to getting a lot more range time with this pistol in the future and bringing a comprehensive review to you all at TFB.

Patrik O
Patrik O

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