Lone Wolf Dusk 19 Pistol – First Impressions

Patrik O
by Patrik O
Lone Wolf Dusk 19 Pistol – First Impressions

Back in May of this year, Hop and I were invited down to Georgia to take a look at a few new products from Lone Wolf. The star of the show for Lone Wolf was their Dusk 19 pistol. Lone Wolf Arms has been known for a long time for creating aftermarket parts for Glocks, and until I was invited to this event, that’s all I thought they did. The Dusk 19 is their new Glock pattern pistol, and their aim is to solve some of the out-of-the-box issues that most people have with the Glocks and deliver it at a reasonable price point with a broad feature set.

Lone Wolf @ TFB:

At the event in Georgia, I do recall some of the pistols having issues feeding properly at the end of the day, but lots of the pistols had suppressors mounted to them and had been run pretty hard all day. With that being said, I’m very intrigued to see what the reliability will be like on this pistol after lots of shooting with no cleaning or maintenance.

I have just received my review copy of Dusk 19 this week and have taken it out on the range and shot 100 rounds through it to see how it behaved. This is just going to be a first impressions piece, so check back in a few months for the full review after I get many more rounds through this pistol. All the specs and features are from the manufacturer so take all this with a grain of salt as I have not had time to double-check them at this point.

Specs – DUSK19 w/FDE Slide and Black Frame, Black Barrel, NF Lower 1/3 Sights, Flat Trigger

“The upper includes a new DUSK19 profile slide made of 17-4SS and finished in either an attractive black nitride or a selection of great PVD options such as flat dark earth, oil rubbed bronze, or graphite gray. Front and rear serrations on the slide provide ease of chambering and press-check. The slide is reflex sight-ready with the DUSK™19 optic cover plate included, which is compatible with both Trijicon RMR/SRO and Holosun 407/507/508 (Non-K Models) footprints.

Additionally, this slide includes a ⅓ co-witness or suppressor height Night Fision Stealth Series sight with a Tritium insert for clear sight vision from DUSK to dawn. The upper also includes a 416 stainless-steel PVD coated barrel with the new DUSK 19 profile and is available in either threaded or non-threaded. The hood pocket and lateral ribs reduce bearing surface for faster cycling and coating wear resistance.

The CCS frame features a 19° grip angle for improved point ability and interchangeable flat & rounded backstraps to allow the shooter the most comfortable choice of grip. The integrated take-down frame scallops for ease of function as well as integrated grip panels with a textured grip for an ergonomic, stable grip. The grip includes an integrated, flared magwell with a grip textured toe kick and an enlarged trigger guard to prevent “Glock knuckle”. The trigger is a new flat enhanced system with improved geometry for trigger take-up and decreased energy to actuate. The trigger also offers a 30% reduction in Peak Force from the OEM trigger for smooth and efficient shooting. Additionally, the DUSK19 is light, weighing in at 19.8 oz without a magazine, and is the perfect EDC size at an overall length of 6.95.”

Key Features:

  • Reflex Sight Ready with DUSK optic cover plate included
  • Interchangeable flat & rounded backstraps for comfortable, customized grip and integrated grip panels with form-fitting texture
  • Stainless steel PVD coated barrel with DUSK profile
  • New enhanced flat trigger system and ergonomic guard profile to reduce “Glock knuckle”
  • Front & rear serrations for ease of chambering and press check

OAL: 6.95″

Non-Threaded Barrel Length (breach – muzzle): 3.90”

Height (without sights): 4.61″

Non-Threaded Barrel Height (with sights): 4.94″

Upper Width: 1.00″

Lower Width: 1.14″

Magwell Width: 1.23″

Weight (without magazine): 19.8/oz.

Chamber: 9×19

OEM & Aftermarket parts compatible*

LWA Nitride SS Guide Rod & End Cap

LWA Reversible Magazine Release Button

LWA Extended Slide Stop Release

LWA Extended Takedown Lever


First 100 Rounds

After the initial 100 rounds through the pistol, I can say I do have a few takeaways at this point, both negative and positive. We will start with the bed first. I personally found that the slide release was very pointy and liked to jab my thumb when I was conducting reloads. I think this would be a very easy fix if they just rounded the side of the slide catch a little bit more.

The next thing I’m not crazy about are the magazines that come with the pistol. The pistol came to me with two KCI magazines. Well, I currently don’t have any previous experience with these magazines and I’ve also never heard of this company before, I can say that these magazines seem to be inconsistent as one of them was considerably harder to load than the other. Most likely this issue will resolve itself after using the magazines a fair bit more and breaking them in, but it’s just something I noticed.

Some of the things that I do like after my first 100 rounds with this pistol are the trigger and the overall feel and look of the pistol. The pistol trigger has a distinctive wall with a relatively short break that is predictable in my experience. While it is very aggressive, the texturing on the grip of the pistol is certainly very effective at keeping your hand locked into the frame. I also think the overall look of the pistol, while probably not for everyone, is very distinctive. I wasn’t a huge fan of it at first but it is definitely growing on me now.

Stay tuned for a full review in a few months on the Dusk 19 pistol

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  • Plumber576 Plumber576 on Oct 26, 2023

    Really like my Timberwolf frame, hope to see a full-size Dusk frame available in the future.

  • Dave D Dave D on Oct 30, 2023

    Never heard of KCI? They've been around a long time and most of their history has not been very good. The are generally better than ProMag and Leapers and are known for their good MP5 mags (current version). Years ago, KCI had a contract for Iraq Police Glock mags and dumped a bunch of "contract overrun" mags on the market cheap. Impressions then were not good, but their reputation has improved over time. I don't know why Wolf didn't just spend a couple bucks more for Magpul.