TFB Review: TYPE-A EG-19 Pistol – Part 1

Patrik O
by Patrik O
TFB Review: TYPE-A EG-19 Pistol – Part 1

Back in December I first got my hands on the TYPE-A EG-19 pistol and was pretty enthralled with it. I still like this pistol overall but in the course of the past few months, a few blemishes have formed that make this pistol not as attractive to me. The EG-19 is TYPE-A’s take on a modified Glock 19 as I’m sure you could have guessed from its name. It comes with a number of upgrades over a standard Glock 19 that certainly improve the overall shooting experience and feel of the pistol in my opinion.


The EG-19 was provided to me by TYPE-A and to my knowledge, this is a loaner pistol and will be returned to the manufacturer after the conclusion of the review. While I appreciate TYPE-A sending me this pistol, this will not impact my opinion on any of their current or future products. I’d like to thank Hornady for supplying a substantial amount of the ammo that will be used for this review.

In case you haven’t heard of TYPE-A, they are a premium/high-end AR-15 manufacturer based out of Grand Rapids, Michigan. Recently they have been coming out with several pistols including the EG-11 and new a family of Glock-based pistols. If you want to know more about TYPE-A and the manufacturer specs of the pistol click here to read my first impressions piece. Before I go any further, I would like to say that I am possibly the least qualified person to review this kind of pistol at TFB, in fact, only purchased my first Glock last year (G43X). I’m also not a subject matter expert on all things handguns but the best I can do is give you my opinion. I would like to apologize for any incorrect information in my first impressions piece and I will be amending them in this review.

Specs – TYPE-A EG-19

  • Caliber – 9mm
  • Barrel Lenth – 4.5 “
  • Total Weight Empty – 22.2 oz or 1lb, 6.2 oz
  • Overall Lenth – 7 1/4″
  • Overall Height – 4 3/4 “
  • Grip Material – Polymer
  • Optic Ready (RDS) – RMR/SRO Pattern
  • MSRP- $1750 (Pistol came with a $300 Stippling job so more like $2050)

Ergonomics – TYPE-A EG-19

This is the section of the review where I think the EG-19 shines the most. The first time I picked it up at the gun store, I was impressed with how my hands became locked into the pistol. I believe this is due in part to a few factors, the stippling job on the grip, the flared magwell, and the undercut trigger guard.

Trigger Undercut
More Stippling
Flared Magwell

The stippling job helps create more traction on the grip while the flared magwell forces the bottom of my hand to be as high on the grip as possible. Then the undercut gave me an overall higher grip on the pistol. The stippling is extended to where your support hand thumb will rest giving better traction and control over the pistol. The EG-19 just feels great in the hand. (NOTE, hand stippling is not a standard feature and is a $300 upcharge from the factory but there is a laser stippling option for less.)

Moving up the slide, TYPE-A has added what appears to be their signature checkered slide serrations. You can find these wrapped around the entire front and back of the slide. I really like this kind of serrations on the slide as they gave me a really good purchase on the slide regardless of how sweaty my hands got at my local indoor shooting range where the AC barely works. The EG-19 is built with a Glock Gen 5 frame so it will come with an ambidextrous slide release and a larger magazine release.

Reliability – TYPE-A EG-19

In my testing of the EG-19, I probably fired north of 800 rounds through this pistol and had zero stoppages. I shot a mix of Hornady Critical Defence 115 G, Hornady American Gunner 115 G, Remington UMC 115 G, and Blazer Brass 115 G throughout my time with this pistol. The magazine that came in the box was a Glock G19 with an LFT+ 2 baseplate. I also used the Magpul Glock PMAGs and a few KCI Glock-style magazines. While all magazines fed reliably, the KCI mags were extremely difficult to get in and out of the mag well. I would not recommend using those magazines with the EG-19 and would stay away from any other third-party mags that already have a tight fit in a stock G-19.

Glock G19 Mag with an LFT+ 2 Baseplate
Hornady Critical Defence 115 G

This is the end of Part 1 of this review. Part 2 will be published this Friday. If you found this interesting, be sure to check out more gun-related content right here at TFB.

Patrik O
Patrik O

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  • USMC Grunt2 USMC Grunt2 on Mar 14, 2024

    Is it $1600 better than it's less expensive brother, the dagger?

  • BladeBoySFV BladeBoySFV on Jul 05, 2024

    I still don’t understand how some Glocks simply put together with parts with someone else’s name on it. Automatically make the price go up $1000 as if you couldn’t buy the parts and pay an master gunsmith to install would cost much less and still be just as good if not better.