TFB Review: TYPE-A EG-19 Pistol – Part 2

Patrik O
by Patrik O
TFB Review: TYPE-A EG-19 Pistol – Part 2

The EG-19 is TYPE-A’s take on a modified Glock 19. It comes with a number of upgrades over a standard Glock 19 that certainly improve the overall shooting experience and feel of the pistol in my opinion. Back in December I first got my hands on the TYPE-A EG-19 pistol and on Wednesday we published the first part of my review of this pistol. This is Part 2 of the TYPE-A EG-19 pistol review.


Performance – TYPE-A EG-19

As mentioned before, I find the EG-19 to be a very comfortable gun to hold and this translated well to the range. The way my hand was locked into the grip made shooting more enjoyable and thus my groups improved. I’ll be the first to say I certainly need to work on my pistol accuracy more as I’m not quite where I want to be. TYPE-A says the EG-19 has a a 6-7lb trigger pull and next to my Lone Wolf Dusk 19 (another Glockish pistol) I felt that was the case. The Dusk 19 is said to be a 5.5 lb trigger from the manufacturer but it felt about the same to me as the the one on the EG-19. I don’t currently have a trigger scale to measure the exact weight but this was my impression.

The EG-19 has an aluminum trigger over the stock plastic Glock 19 trigger so that’s a nice improvement in my opinion. It’s a flat-faced trigger and I find myself gravitating towards these the more and more I shoot them. As mentioned before, the signature checkering on the slide is fantastic and makes racking the EG-19 a breeze. For mounting lights and lasers, I really appreciate that the EG-19 has a Picatinny width accessory rail over the proprietary smaller Glock one.

The sights on the EG-19 are nothing to write home about as they are stock Glock sights. I’m sure TYPE-A did this because they knew most people would be mounting a red dot on the optic cut slide. On the other hand, it would sting to pay this much for a handgun and have polymer sights. I can see both sides of this argument but I’ll get more into it in the next section. Lastly, the barrel is threaded for a can if you so choose to attach one. Overall I think the EG-19 is a great shooting handgun but I will warn anyone with larger hands, that the flared mag well might make it difficult to get a comfortable grip on this pistol.

Cost – TYPE-A EG-19

Is the EG-19 expensive? Yes. Is it worth $2050 (with the stipling job)? I’m honestly not sure. The EG-19 has a lot of nice bells and whistles on it including the checkered slide, the flared mag well, the aluminum trigger, and the threaded barrel. I’m just not convinced this pistol is worth the sticker price. The $300 factory stippling job is the first thing I would cut from this pistol. I’m not a stippling expert and It does improve the grip but $300 seems like a lot of money for that. The pistol comes in a nice Pelican case but I would happily trade that case for a lower MSRP or some better iron sights.

Note the Pelican Case that comes with the EG-19

All of this is coming from a guy who has a TYPE-A 14.5″ AR (that I bought) and loves it. If anything I’m certainly a big fan of their products but the EG-19 seems overpriced to me as a consumer. If this pistol started out under $1500 I think it would be much more approachable for many shooters.


  • Signature slide checkering works great and I want it on all my pistols now.
  • Great reliability with zero stoppages after at least 800 rounds and no cleaning.
  • Comes with lots of small upgrades.


  • Very expensive.
  • Magwell is too tight for some third-party magazines.
  • Flaired magwell may cause shooters with larger hands to have a hard time getting a good grip on this pistol.

Conclusion – TYPE-A EG-19

In conclusion, I really like the EG-19 pistol. It’s a great shooting G-19 clone with a number of notable improvements that you can really feel. While I feel that the stippling job is overpriced, it does significantly improve the grip of the handgun. Speaking of grip, the signature slide checkering works great and might be my favorite part about this pistol. The EG-19 was also super reliable at the range with a few varieties of ammunition.

Moving forward I would like to see TYPE-A make a few changes to the EG-19. I know they love to ship their guns in nice cases and I love the rifle bag my 14.5″ AR from them came in, but I think removing the Pelican case and saving the consumer a few bucks would be nice. I would also like to see the Magwell widened just a hair to accommodate third-party magazines. Overall this is not just a good handgun, it’s a great one, it’s just a bit too expensive for my taste.

Patrik O
Patrik O

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