Wheelgun Wednesday: 2022 Recap Of Revolvers & Gear

    2022 Recap of Revolvers & Gear

    Thanks for joining us for our last TFB Wheelgun Wednesday of 2022, where we’ll take the pulse of the revolver market over the past year. We’ve also covered a number of high profile revolvers that have been auctioned off this year, so we’ll include some links to those in case you’ve missed them. Be sure to join us in the comment section below and tell us what you’re hoping to see for revolvers in 2023, or any specific reviews you’d like us to cover. And now, our 2022 Recap of Revolvers and Gear!

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    2022 Recap of Revolvers and Gear


    Ruger Birdshead-Style Wrangler Revolvers and Three New Wrangler Barrel Lengths

    Ruger both started and ended the year 2022 with additional options to the popular Wrangler series. In January, Ruger announced the birdshead grip profile for 3.75″ barrelled models, and in late December, they introduced new barrel lengths for the Wrangler in 3.75″ (standard grip), 6.5″, and 7.5″ models.

    2022 Recap of Revolvers & Gear

    Image credit: Ruger

    2022 Recap of Revolvers & Gear

    Image credit: Ruger


    German Spohr Revolvers Coming to the US

    At the IWA 2022 Convention in March, James Reeves visited with Thomas Spohr regarding their Spohr revolvers in 9mm, .357 Magnum, and .44 Magnum. At the time of the video, they were looking for partners in the U.S. to assist with importation, and according to MMB Imports, they are working individual customers through the importation process. James and Thomas discussed their different barrel lengths, polygonal rifling, and coating options, as well as the overall features. Check out the video below if you missed it the first time around, or if you just feel like drooling again.


    Heritage Rough Rider Tactical Cowboy

    Heritage Manufacturing unveiled their new Roughrider Tactical Cowboy, with a threaded barrel, fiber optic front sight, and a picatinny rail on the top strap for mounting a red dot sight. This modernized Single Action comes in .22LR, but Heritage also noted that this model is also compatible with separate .22WMR cylinders.

    2022 Recap of Revolvers and Gear

    Image credit: Heritage Manufacturing


    New .500 Bushwhacker Cartridge for BFR Revolvers by TII Armory

    Jumping into a bit larger caliber announcement, TII Armory showed off their new .500 Bushwhacker cartridge, and claimed the latest iteration of “the most powerful handgun in the world.” One does not simply make the claim without an accompanying demonstration though, which they made good on. The .500 Bushwhacker cartridge was designed for the Magnum Research BFR revolver, and thankfully added a muzzle brake. Follow the link above for Hrachya’s article and the embedded video from TII Armory.

    2022 Recap of Revolvers and Gear

    Image credit: TII Armory


    Taylor Firearms TC9 Series 9mm Revolvers

    Taylor Firearms introduced their new TC9 series of 1873 Single Action revolvers, the “9” of which stands for 9mm. The Taylor TC9 should be a great addition to anyone’s collection that doesn’t feel like tracking down the more expensive .38 Special or .357 Magnum while still being able to shoot a single-action revolver in a common caliber. The Taylor TC9 series comes in 4.75″ and 5.5″ barrel lengths, and has an MSRP of $546.39, or $588.14 depending on the finish.

    2022 Recap of Revolvers and Gear

    Image credit: Taylor Firearms


    Smith & Wesson Model 350 Revolver in 350 Legend

    Shortly before hunters started gearing up for the season, Smith & Wesson released another option to their X Frame, chambered in .350 Legend. This new offering features a seven-round capacity with a 7.5″ ported barrel. The .350 Legend has become quite popular with deer hunters in states that require straight-walled cartridges, however, I haven’t heard much buzz regarding S&W’s .350 Legend revolver since their announcement. If you picked one up or at least placed an order for one, let us know in the comment section.

    2022 Recap of Revolvers and Gear

    Image credit: Smith & Wesson


    Colt’s New King Cobra Target .22LR Revolver

    This year at NRAAM 2022, Colt unveiled their King Cobra Target chambered in .22LR, which has a 10 round capacity, and is available in either 4.5″ or 6″ barrel lengths.

    2022 Recap of Revolvers & Gear

    Image credit: Austin R of TFB


    Taurus Executive Grade 856 Revolver

    In 2022, Taurus began a new series of special editions based on existing models. The new series is called the Executive Grade, and they launched it starting with the 856 in .38 Special +P. It’s offered with a 3″ barrel, Altamont walnut grips and a double action only trigger. The link above will take you to Rusty’s review.

    2022 Recap of Revolvers & Gear

    Image credit: Rusty S of TFB


    Diamondback Sidekick .22LR and .22 Magnum Revolver

    Diamondback Firearms brought out their new Sidekick revolvers for SHOT 2022 (although it was officially introduced in 2021), which have the profile of traditional single-action revolvers, but with a twist; they are actually double-action/single-action (DA/SA) and have a swing-out cylinder with an ejector star. The Diamondback Sidekick revolvers are chambered in .22LR and are convertable to .22WMR as well.


    Standard Manufacturing Switch-Gun in .22LR

    The Standard Manufacturing Switch-Gun made it into our Recap of 2021 as well, but this year they introduced the same model in .22LR. The Switch-Gun, as seen in the photo below is a mini derringer-style revolver with a folding grip that reduces the overall profile for concealment and storage.

    2022 Recap of Revolvers & Gear

    Image credit: Standard Manufacturing


    Cimarron’s New “Nettleton” Reproduction 1873

    A few entries above, we took a look at the TC9 9mm 1873 inspired revolvers, but here we have a little closer reproduction of the Colt US Cavalry 1873, named after the sought-after Henry Nettleton inspector who stamped his approval of outgoing models to cavalry units. Cimarron’s Nettleton 1873 model features a 7.5″ barrel, case-hardened finish, and is chambered for .45LC.

    2022 Recap of Revolvers and Gear

    Image credit: Cimarron


    KUGS HD410 – Modern 410 Bore 18-Shot Pepperbox

    I’ve saved the last two entries for our 2022 Recap since they’re pretty wild and outside the box. The KUGS HD410 is billed as a pepperbox-style revolver but is operated by either turning the perpendicular handle or by turning the cylinder. For the moment, the HD410 is just a prototype and not for sale, but was quickly designed by Florian Kohli. If you missed this article the first time around, I highly recommend you click the link above, and check out the embedded video as well!

    2022 Recap of Revolvers & Gear

    Image credit: KUGS


    Zenk RZMK-357 Bullpup Revolver

    Our last revolver from 2022 is the Zenk RZMK-357 bullpup revolver, which appears to still be in the development and design stage. There are many questions about how the RZMK-357 revolver will be loaded, fired, and how the cartridges will be subsequently ejected. The question of its ability to contain the cylinder gap has also been asked. We’ll be sure to keep an eye on this design and hopefully bring you any updates when or if they come out!

    2022 Recap of Revolvers and Gear

    Image credit: Zenk


    In terms of revolver gear and accessories from 2022, we didn’t cover nearly as much as we did last year. However, I’m officially declaring that this year has been the beginning of the Adams and Trausch style revolver grips that feature a beavertail backstrap. I’ve long wondered why this style of grip wasn’t more available. In our 2022 Recap, there are two such examples, the first of which is a wooden option for the Kimber K6s from Obsolete Arms. The second option is available from D&L Sports covers the K, L, and N frame sizes for round butt grips and are made of G10.

    Kimber K6s Grips Inspired By Beaumont-Adams Revolvers From Obsolete Arms

    2022 Recap of Revolvers and Gear

    Image credit: Obsolete Arms


    D&L Sports’ New PRG Revolver Grips For S&W K, L, N Frames

    2022 Recap of Revolvers and Gear

    Image credit: D&L Sports


    The Next Generation of Revolver Speed Strips From Zeta6

    At SHOT 2022, Zeta6 showed off their various configurations of Speed Strips and Paks and Clips. They offer a traditional in-line Speed Strip, as well as a flexible Speedloader-esk Clip that peels away to release the cartridges, and also “Paks” that are a hybrid between half moon clips and speed strips. I haven’t gotten around to checking these out yet for myself, but I’ll be sure to review them at some point.

    2022 Recap of Revolvers & Gear

    J-Pak (sized for J Frames), K Frame sizes are also available. Image credit: Daniel Y of TFB

    2022 Recap of Revolvers & Gear

    Image credit: Daniel Y of TFB.




    Just in case you missed some of the reviews we covered in 2022, you can follow the links below to any that trip your trigger.


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    What do you make of the current pulse of the wheelgun market based on the 2022 Recap? Is it seeing some neglect, staying steady, or just getting started? Check out our Recapping of 2021 if you’d like to compare the last two years. Which new revolver, part, or accessory really caught your eye this year? If there’s a wheelgun you’ve been hoping we’ll review, let us know in the comment section.

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