Kimber K6s Grips Inspired By Beaumont-Adams Revolvers From Obsolete Arms

    Obsolete Arms Kimber K6s Grips

    Obsolete Arms just announced that they were doing a run of aftermarket grips for the Kimber K6s revolver, but their grip is heavily influenced by Beaumont-Adams revolvers from the 1850s. Obsolete Arms’ new K6s grips will be CNC cut from Peruvian Walnut, Padouk, and Purpleheart wood. William at Obsolete Arms stressed that the grips seen in the photos were not finished yet as he had taken them straight from the CNC and took a trip to the range to try them out.

    Obsolete Arms Kimber K6s Grips

    William said the new grips have a cutout to accommodate for speedloaders, but his Smokewagon Speedloader would work perfectly even without the cutout. He also said that he settled on a slotted grip screw since it could be tightened with anything you might have in your pocket, and even a case rim if it came down to it. William said he’s game for making similar grips for revolvers other than Kimber, but he wants to get the feedback on this version before branching out. If you’ve been reading TFB’s Wheelgun Wednesday reviews, you may have gathered that not all revolver grips are comfortable while shooting magnum loads, and these K6s grips are designed and contoured to the web of the hand where recoil is felt most. William was inspired by the Adams design that took cues from the hand tools of his time.

    Obsolete Arms Kimber K6s Grips

    The new run of Obsolete Arms Kimber K6s grips will be ready in a couple weeks and will cost $80. They’re not yet listed on Obsolete Arms’ website, but if you’re interested, feel free to use the Contact page on the website, You can also follow them on YouTube and Instagram.

    What do you think about this new grip from Obsolete Arms? Has anyone else wondered why there aren’t more Adams or Trausch style grips on modern revolvers for full-house magnum loads? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section!

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