[SHOT 2022] The Next Generation of Revolver Speed Strips From Zeta6

Daniel Y
by Daniel Y
[SHOT 2022] The Next Generation of Revolver Speed Strips From Zeta6

[SHOT 2022] The Next Generation of Revolver Speed Strips From Zeta6

Zeta6 manufactures and sells an innovative line of speed strips and speed loaders for 5- and 6-shot revolvers. Speed strips have been sold for many years by various companies, but Zeta6 is a relative newcomer to the market. The Zeta6 lineup breaks down into three main product types: strips, clips, and paks.

Most revolver shooters are familiar with speed strips, which use a single row of cartridges. This makes for a very slim package which conceals well. Unlike other models on the market, which have all six cartridge slots spaced evenly, the Zeta6 strips vary their spacing for easier loading. Options are available in a 2-1-2 pattern (Sym-Strip) or a 2-2-1 pattern (J-Strip).

J-Strip showing the 2-2-1 pattern for easier loading in small cylinders
Clip models blend the material of a speed strip with the layout of a speed loader. 5 rounds (J-Clip) or 6 rounds (K-clip) place the cartridges in a circle configuration. To load, the rounds are inserted in all of the chambers of the cylinder at the same time, and the clip is peeled away. This blends the functions of a speed strip and a speed loader or moon clip.

Pak models are the least like other products on the market. They use a trapezoidal layout, with two groups of three slots, each group forming a triangle. That triangle lines up with three holes of the cylinder, providing a full reload in two motions (load 3, rotate 180 degrees, load 3). K-Pak models fit K-frame 6-shot revolvers. J-Pak models fit J-frames, and place 3 rounds on one side, with two on the other, with a gap between them.

J-Pak with the 3-2 layout, which can be reversed based on use preference
Two J-Paks or K-Paks can be nested together, allowing two reloads to be carried in a footprint not much larger than a single Pak.
Two nested J-Paks
All options are available now for order on the Zeta6 website.


  • Material: Polyurethane (no BPA, BPS, of BPF content)
  • Price (per 2 pack):$9.95 (J-Clip, J-Strip, Sym-Strip), $11.95 (J-Pak, K-Pak, K-Clip)
  • J-Clip also available for Ruger LCR
Daniel Y
Daniel Y

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