D&L Sports’ New PRG Revolver Grips For S&W K, L, N Frames

    DL Sports PRG Revolver Grips

    Dave Lauck of D&L Sports recently announced a collaboration with Hogue Inc. in which they designed the PRG Revolver Grips, or Performance Revolver Grips for round butt Smith & Wesson revolvers. No doubt, you’ve already noticed the pronounced features of the PRG revolver grips with the scarcely seen beavertail covering the backstrap, which is there to aid in controlling recoil, as well as to help aid the shooter with naturally pointing the PRG-equipped revolvers. The contoured hand stop is also designed to assist in recoil management, and the butt also conceals a lanyard anchor. Mr. Lauck describes his D&L Sports G10, PRG Revolver Grips below.

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    The DLS PRG was designed to make the S&W DA revolver point properly and align the sights with the target when the shooter has a locked wrist hold on the revolver. Unlocking your wrists and rolling them downward will no longer be required to bring the sights into alignment with the target. The design of the PRG completely solves this problem and allows shooters to keep a strong, locked wrist grip on the revolver. The PRG is a superior design for both iron sights and red dot optics. Finding the dot has never been easier.

    Shooters who are experienced with the 1911 autopistol notice how well the pistol points with locked wrists. Due to the grip angle design of John Browning, the sights naturally come into alignment with the target while the shooter has a locked wrist grip on the pistol. The DLS PRG allows this same fast and positive alignment of the sights with the target while the shooter has a locked wrist grip on a revolver.

    These grips are NOT blocky, oversized and fragile competition grips. The PRGs are constructed of heavy duty G10 and designed for hard use, very well suited to duty, EDC, CCW, as well as practical competition. They are slim across the midsection: the K-L PRG is only approximately 1.080″ thick, and the N frame PRG is only approximately 1.150″ thick. (A single stack 1911 pistol is commonly 1.250″ thick) The PRG is well suited to average sized hands, and the bottom hand stop can be relieved for extra large hands. The PRG has twin internal locator pins, and triple outer cross bolts for excellent fit and durability. The PRG is a two piece clamshell style grip so installation is easy. (Square butt S&W revolvers can be professionally converted to roundbutts so the PRG will fit properly).

    Inside the butt of the grip there is a concealed lanyard anchor. This allows for a simple, heavy duty bootlace to be looped through the internal anchor during installation to provide revolver retention in rough field and water environments. Excellent for ATV, horseback, hunting, boating and fishing. When a lanyard is not required, the lanyard anchor is invisible and silent.
    (Cautionary note about lanyards: When choosing a lanyard, make sure it is strong enough to support the weight of the firearm when dropped, BUT make sure the lanyard will break before pulling your body weight into a dangerous situation, such as a boat propeller.)

    DL Sports PRG Revolver Grips

    DL Sports PRG Revolver Grips

    The new PRG Revolver Grips are new enough Mr. Lauck hasn’t added the price to his website yet, but he said that they’ll be listed for $155 per set, and hopes to have them shipping beginning in January of 2023. The DLS PRG Revolver Grips will be sold exclusively from D&L Sports Inc. You can view the PRG Grips page HERE for more information and Mr. Lauck’s full description, or check out DLSports.com to view their other products and custom services.

    DL Sports PRG Revolver Grips

    What do you think about these unique PRG grip sets for S&W double-action revolvers? Have you been looking for revolver grips with this feature set?

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