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Packin’ Neat Makes EDC Accessories for Practical Women

Meet my new friend, Kristen. She’s the brains behind Packin’ Neat. Kristen grew tired having to purchase a new EDC handbag each time she purchased a new firearm. She and I agree that sometimes, women already have a handbag they enjoy carrying and don’t [Read More…]

Gun Tote’N Mamas Creates Beautiful and Practical EDC Handbags

Many women say that most of the EDC pocketbooks look outdated and are impractical. Gun Tote’N Mama’s founder Claudie Chisholm is changing the EDC accessory marketplace for women. Great Things Come in Small Packages What Claudie lacks in stature, she makes up [Read More…]

K6s Talo Magnum Research BFR IDPA Revolver Holster

Are Revolvers Obsolete?

Revolvers seem to be either loved or hated. There isn’t much middle ground these days, with most people firmly planting themselves on one side of the fence and smugly looking down on the other camp. In this installment of TFBTV, Alex takes a look at this old question through unbiased eyes. [Read More…]