Wheelgun Wednesday: Cimarron's New "Nettleton" Reproduction 1873

Rusty S.
by Rusty S.
Cimarron’s Nettleton Reproduction

Certain historical Colt revolvers are deemed more collectible due to their association with a particular inspector, who would stamp their initials on the frame or cartouche on the grip. New for 2022, Cimarron Firearms has come out with their version of a reproduction “Nettleton” Colt 1873 U.S. Cavalry Revolver, for the very reasonable price of $697.34 MSRP.

Cimarron Firearms @ TFB:

Per Cimarron:

Cimarron Firearms, makers of quality replicas of Old West firearms, is proud to introduce the US Cavalry 1873 Henry Nettleton single-action revolver. For collectors of antique firearms, the Henry Nettleton inspected Cavalry models are a much sought-after firearm with auction prices reflecting its rarity.
The Cimarron replica of the US Cavalry 1873 model showcases the features that made this gun the weapon of choice for government troops. The Henry Nettleton Cavalry is a 45LC single-action, six-shooter with a 7 ½-inch barrel in a standard blue finish with walnut grips. What makes the Henry Nettleton model so unique is that Nettleton, a US Principal Sub-Inspector for the US Ordnance Department in 1878, only inspected and stamped about 3,000 guns. Additionally, Nettleton placed his inspection stamp on the left side of the hammer and trigger guard, unlike any other inspector. Why he was allowed to do this, is still unknown. Many of the guns Nettleton inspected were later refurbished for the NY Militia and barrels were cut down to 5 ½-inches and case hardened along with the cylinder, hammer and trigger, and trigger guard. The Cimarron US Cavalry 1873 Henry Nettleton pays respect to the original 1st generation Colt government models inspected by Henry Nettleton, down to the details of proof marks and all of Nettleton’s inspection stamps using the exact same fonts and placements as the originals. MSRP: $697.34.

Original “Nettletons” are perhaps too dear to be fired even if one owned one, as recent examples have been auction appraised at anywhere between $7,500 for rough condition examples up to $190,000 for the best condition example!

One of the best original Nettleton 1873s to come up for auction. Image Credit: Rock Island Auction Company

Interestingly enough, previous “Inspector Series” reproduction models of these revolvers done by USFA in the original Colt factory were $1,645 MSRP, almost three times more expensive than the current offering by Cimarron.

For more information, please visit Cimarron Firearms.

Rusty S.
Rusty S.

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  • Some Guy Some Guy on Jun 02, 2022

    I like it. Cimarron make some very nice, well fit revolvers. I’d pick one if I saw it. That’s price really isn’t any higher than their normal production revolvers with similar finish.

  • Hatman1793 Hatman1793 on Jun 06, 2022

    Hey Cimarron Firearms new product release guy, there never was a 45 short Colt cartridge or a 45 long Colt cartridge. It’s 45Colt.
    Colt never, not ever, engraved or stamped their SAA revolvers with the mistaken 45LC nomenclature.
    Want to be authentic & trade off your product authenticity? Get your caliber designation correct!