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Eric B
by Eric B

The holster – where your gun is most likely going to stay most of the time when it’s outside the safe. It’s therefore quite important that you buy a holster that is made for your needs, and something you feel comfortable and overall happy with.

If you compete in shooting sports you also know that your needs are vastly different compared to if you were to carry your firearm concealed, for instance. Things like speed, adjustability and even the color might be more important than other obvious standard factors. Safariland’s new competition holster is primarily made for the Open and Limited divisions in handgun and works with most 2011 steel and polymer frame pistols.

Below you can read Safariland’s press release:

Jacksonville, Florida – Safariland®, a brand of The Safariland Group, a leading global provider of safety products designed for the public safety, military, professional and outdoor markets, today announced the new Model 015 Open Top Competition Holster. Available for most steel and polymer frame pistols, the 015 provides a minimalistic, intelligent design for custom-fit and easy modification options for competitive shooters in open, limited and 3-gun divisions.

“This is a very well-made competition holster,” said Bobby McGee, Vice President of Engineering for The Safariland Group duty gear division and Team Safariland member. “Machined from billet, a raw block of virgin aluminum, the 015 has superior stabilization and little resistance for a secure fast draw. Paired with a stainless-steel ball joint on the holster, it allows for lots of clamping force securing fine-tuned positioning throughout the life of the holster, unlike aluminum ball joints that can cause positioning to skip with adjustments.”

The Model 015 incorporates an instinctive rotating lock for secure retention without the use of a nose piece and the advanced design significantly reduces the chance of unintended release during draw. By rotating the lever towards the rear of the firearm, the trigger block is unlocked providing a fast and efficient draw during the natural gripping motion.

Ideal for Open and Limited divisions where the most minimal design is desired, the ball joint system allows freedom of movement and easily accommodates thumb rests, red dot sights and additional modifications to limit interference. For 3-Gun competitors or others looking for even more stability when moving around objects, Safariland offers a supplemental muzzle adaptor for additional support and protection that is fully adjustable for barrels from 4″ to 7.5″.

The 015 features a special safety detent for retention even when the screw is removed and a stainless-steel spring allows for worry-free disassembly. Further, the holster and belt loop can be separated for ease of travel, while maintaining the user’s set position. The holster is designed to be used with 1.5” and 1.75” width competition belts with the use of a preinstalled belt shim. The belt loop works for a variety of belts and tightens to ensure no movement between the belt and belt loop. Additionally, the adjustable cant and round thigh-pad offer added comfort.

The Model 015 Open Top Competition Holster comes in black, red, or blue and is available for most 2011 steel and polymer frame pistols. MSRP is $223. For competitors who want additional muzzle support, they can purchase the 015A Muzzle Adaptor as an optional accessory. MSRP is $100.00. To purchase the 015 with the Muzzle Adaptor attached, order Model 015XL, MSRP $323.00.

For more information about the Safariland Group and these products, please visit

Here is a direct link to Safariland’s 015 Open Top Competition Holster.

What kind of holster do you prefer and why?

Eric B
Eric B

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  • Paul Hacker Paul Hacker on Jan 09, 2021

    Nice holster, not sure if it is gonna sell well now.

    What is IPSC gonna do with all the ammo shortage? They are big on 200 round count matches (or is it 300 now?) Even IDPA keeps upping the round count.

    I long for the days of the old Walk-n-Draw matches.

  • Martin To Martin To on Jan 10, 2021

    Would have been nice to have a picture of this on someone's hip with a pistol locked in...