POTD: A Lesson In NFA – What Is It? SBR, SBS, AOW?

    I learned something new and thought I would share it with you all. ATF has odd determinations and we could go into length how a lot of it does not make sense. We won’t do that here but this is a prime example.

    Take a look at the Savage Model 42. Now the Model 42 is a .22lr rifle with a .410 under barrel. So what happens when you chop the barrels down?

    Typically a short barreld rifle is as described. But the Model 42 has a shotgun barrel as well. So does that make this a Short Barreled Shotgun?

    Actually it is neither SBR nor SBS. This particular firearm is considered AOW. But wait, it is shoulder fired how is that possible?


    But did you catch the caveat? A short barreled combo gun is only an AOW if the the barrels are greater than 12″ but less than 18″. What happens if you have shorter barrels? Congratulations, now you have a double stamp gun. Pay $400 and proceed directly to ATF for permission.