New SRBS Suppressors from B&T and Silencer Shop

James Reeves
by James Reeves

B&T USA partners with Silencer Shop to launch exclusive SRBS (Slimline Reduced Backpressure System) suppressors. The line will consist of three silencers: SRBS 556, SRBS 762, and SRBS 762 Ti. More details can be found in the press release below.

Suppressors @ TFB:

Tampa, FL (June 26, 2024) – B&T USA is thrilled to announce a new collaboration with Silencer Shop, leading to the launch of three exclusive Slimline Reduced Backpressure System (SRBS) suppressors: the SRBS 556, SRBS 762, and SRBS 762 Ti. These innovative suppressors are designed to offer exceptional performance, value, and cutting-edge material construction. In an exciting promotion, Silencer Shop is providing a free tax stamp with the purchase of any of these exclusive SRBS suppressors for a limited time.
“When Silencer Shop approached us about offering an exclusive high-flow suppressor to their customers, we jumped at the opportunity and pulled out the stops,” said Chris Mudgett, Vice President of Marketing for B&T USA. “Silencer Shop Exclusive features include a Direct Mount HUB assembly backward compatible with any 1.375x24 TPI HUB devices; high-temp matte black Cerakote; Print-X tube texturing; an updated low-flash endcap, and finally B&T’s high-performance, patent-pending Star baffle system — finally available in 3D printed form.”
“Look for more products exclusively from Silencer Shop in the future,” Mudgett added.
Dave Matheny, CEO of Silencer Shop, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership. “B&T is a trusted name in the industry, and Silencer Shop is thrilled to partner with them to bring these three new silencers to customers and dealers. The SRBS lineup offers something for everyone, and the quality and performance are exactly what you’d expect from B&T.”

About Silencer Shop
Founded in 2010 in Austin, Texas, Silencer Shop is the largest silencer distributor in the United States, serving customers through a network of over 6,000 local gun stores. Known for their hassle-free service and commitment to customer satisfaction, Silencer Shop has earned a 4.9 out of 5-star rating on Google. For more details, visit [](

About B&T USA
B&T USA, based in Florida, operates under the license of B&T AG SWITZERLAND. Founded in 1991 by Karl Brügger, B&T AG has grown into a global leader in designing and manufacturing advanced suppressors and high-performance weapon systems. The company's products, including the comprehensive APC (Advanced Police Carbine) line and the new 9mm USW® (Universal Service Weapon), are widely used by consumers, police, special forces, and elite military units around the world. For more information, visit []( For sales inquiries, please contact

With this exciting new lineup of SRBS suppressors, B&T USA and Silencer Shop continue to innovate and deliver high-quality, high-performance products to firearms enthusiasts and professionals. Stay tuned for more exclusive products from this dynamic partnership.

TFB is proud to partner with Silencer Shop as our preferred vendor for all of your NFA needs. Whether you are searching for a new suppressor, SBR, or trust, Silencer Shop is here to provide a seamless and fast service for your next NFA purchase. Head over to to begin your NFA journey.

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James Reeves

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