TFB Weekly Web Deals 86: Deals for April 22nd, 2024

Luke C.
by Luke C.

Welcome to TFB Weekly Web Deals 86! We’re back with more deals on guns, gear, ammunition, and accessories from some of our most frequented online retailers like Primary Arms, Natchez Shooters Supply, Palmetto State Armory, Brownells, and more. Whether you’re looking for deals on new or used guns, ammo to add to your reserves, or specific accessories like flashlights, range bags, optics, bipods, and magazines, each week we’ll have new sets of deals that might fulfill one of those needs and save you a few dollars.

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TFB Weekly Web Deals 86: Deals for April 22nd, 2024


Sale Price: $24.99

It has a stout hardwood handle, a broad flat steel blade and 3 sharp edges. Its ideally suited for digging foxholes and bunkers, to chop branches, build shelters, act as an improvised paddle, and even as a last-resort weapon of defense! Its even an excellent alternative to a Tomahawk for sport and recreational throwing! Our new larger variation, called the Spetsnaz Trench Shovel, has all the winning features of the Special Forces model, with the added benefit of enhanced size. It is 50% longer in length, and has a slightly larger shovel head.

TFB Weekly Web Deals 86: Deals for April 22nd, 2024

Pick up a Cold Steel Spetsnaz Flat 3-Sided Shovel for $24.99 from Palmetto State Armory

Backup Tactical Threaded Barrel for Sig P320 Compact – Black Nitride

Sale Price: $119.95

The Backup Tactical Threaded Barrel for Sig P320 Compact 9mm pistol is precision machined from 416 stainless steel, features pulled broached rifling, and is chambered in 9mm to SAAMI specifications. This barrel for the Sig P320 features a drop-in fit and is threaded 1/2×28 for attaching compensators or suppressors. A durable black Nitride coating prevents rust. Upgrade your Sig P320 pistol with a Backup Tactical threaded barrel.

Please note: The Backup Tactical P320 Compact Threaded Barrel is compatible with the Standard Sig P320 Compact with 3.9″ Sig Factory Barrel, NOT the P320 X-Series Compact 3.6″ Sig Factory Barrel that Sig discontinued.

TFB Weekly Web Deals 86: Deals for April 22nd, 2024

Pick up a Backup Tactical SIG P320 Compact Threaded Barrel for $119.95 from Primary Arms


Sale Price: $1049.99

Palmetto State Armory is proud to introduce the new PSA AK-V! This new product has been designed based on the Vityaz-SN Russian submachine gun, with a few modern improvements. The PSA AK-V is a blowback-operated system to ensure a smooth cycling action. Following in the footsteps of our new PSA AK-47 GF3 models, the AK-V features a forged front trunnion and bolt/carrier. Our design utilizes the Palmetto State Armory U9 35 round magazine, and also features last round bolt hold open. The PSA AK-V can only be guaranteed to function with PSA AKV magazines.

TFB Weekly Web Deals 86: Deals for April 22nd, 2024

Pick up a PSA AK-V 9mm Side Folding Pistol for $1049.99 at Palmetto State Armory

Ballistic Advantage Modern Series 16″ 5.56 NATO Government Contour 1:7 Nitride AR-15 Barrel – Mid-Length – 1/2×28

Sale Price: $99.99

The Ballistic Advantage Modern Series barrel is combines the durability and strength of 41V50 chrome moly vanadium steel with the exceptionally corrosion resistant salt bath nitride treatment. This provides not only an impressive barrel life, but ensures excellent accuracy and an affordable price. Every Ballistic Advantage barrel is guaranteed to give sub Minute of Angle accuracy with match grade ammunition.

This 16″ government contour barrel is chambered for 5.56 NATO ammunition and is ready to accept your favorite .750″ gas blocks.

Weight: 28.0 oz

TFB Weekly Web Deals 86: Deals for April 22nd, 2024

Pick up a Ballistic Advantage Modern Series 16″ 5.56 NATO Government profile barrel for $99.99 from Primary Arms


Sale Price: $26.99

The 9MM (.355) 124GR FMJ Ammunition from AAC delivers superior performance when you need it most.

Designed for use in a variety of applications and manufactured through advanced research, design, and engineering process with state-of-the-art, quality machines, and materials.

Rigorously refined through multiple quality control checkpoints from conception to production. AAC Components makes projectiles for the shooter who values attention to detail, quality, and advanced reliability.

American Made in beautiful Columbia, SC.

TFB Weekly Web Deals 86: Deals for April 22nd, 2024

Pick up 100-round boxes of AAC 124gr 9mm Luger for $26.99 from Palmetto State Armory

Trijicon RMR Type 2 Adjustable LED Reflex Sight – 6.5 MOA

Sale Price: $499.99

This Trijicon RMR Type 2 features a 6.5 MOA red dot which is the largest available in the LED reflex models. The Ruggedized Miniature Reflex sight was designed to improve the speed and accuracy of nearly any small arms weapon platform. Incredibly lightweight, the RMR red dot sight provides a simplified and open sight picture, allowing the shooter to simply place the red dot on the target, rather than focusing on aligning iron sights.

The Type 2 has seen a host of improvements hardening the optic against arguably the most damaging application: handgun slide mounts. The durable forged aluminum housing features new tactile click-adjustments for easier and more secure zeroing. The electronics have been ruggedized and easily controlled with ambidextrous power controls.

TFB Weekly Web Deals 86: Deals for April 22nd, 2024

Pick up a 6.5 MOA Trijicon RMR Type 2 Reflex Optic for $499.99 from Primary Arms

That’s all the guns and gear we’ve got for you this week folks. Let us know if you’ve found any great deals on firearms, parts, or accessories in the comments below! As always, thanks for stopping by to read TFB and we’ll see you all again next week!

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    If you want a trench shovel, spend the extra 30 bucks and get the WJQ-308.

  • Paul L Paul L on Apr 22, 2024

    Don't do government profile AR barrels! They were a mistake and still are.