Wilson Combat Tactical Ultralight: An Airweight AR

Zac K
by Zac K
Wilson Combat continues to grow its lineup, now building an ultralight series of AR-15 pattern rifles. [Wilson Combat]

Wilson Combat is growing its lineup of AR-pattern rifles with the new Tactical Ultralight series, with weight-reducing components that make for fast handling.

Previously, Wilson Combat had Ultralight-series pistols and rifles. Its Ultralight Hunter AR-10 rifles debuted in early 2023. The new Ultralight Tactical series differs from the Hunter models by being chambered in 5.56 NATO, 300 HAM’R and 300 Blackout. These cartridges are commonly used in tactical applications, although they can of course be used for hunting as well.

The Tactical Ultralight models have a 16-inch match-grade barrel with the same lightweight tapered profile as the Hunter rifles, with 1/2″ x 28 threads at muzzle for a flash hider or other device. The rifle comes fitted with a Q-COMP.

Wilson Combat adds a thermal-cure Armor-Tuff finish to these rifles. [Wilson Combat]
The mil-spec forged upper receiver has no forward assist, and the forged lower comes with closed trigger guard. A low-profile gas block works with an intermediate-length gas system actuating a low-mass bolt carrier assembly with nickel boron coating. The standard-configuration buffer uses a mil-spec spring.
An adjustable Rogers Super-Stoc comes standard, and a Mission First Tactical grip. Wilson Combat provide their own 12.6-inch M-LOK rail and Tactical Trigger Unit that breaks at 4 lb.
You can order off Wilson Combat's website if they have a rifle in stock, or you can pay for a custom build. [Wilson Combat]
Various Armor-Tuff finishes are available; the upper and lower also have a hard-anodized coating.Add it all up, and you have a rifle weighing just over 5.5 lb, depending what exact configuration and chambering you’ve purchased. Speaking of which, MSRP for these rifles starts at $2,150. A visit to Wilson Combat’s website will show you what they have in stock, or allow you to order a custom build. Note that Wilson says the Tactical Ultralight “can be built to meet California compliant specifications.”
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  • Ahab Ahab on May 11, 2024

    "ultralight" and "airweight", but you're not going to even mention the weight?

    • IOJ IOJ on May 11, 2024

      @Ahab "just over 5.5 lb" is in the last paragraph.

  • Heat is overrated Heat is overrated on May 13, 2024

    I’m surprised that no one is complaining about the lack of a forward assist.