Alliant Powder Now Shipping Reloader 16 Rifle Powder

Richard Johnson
by Richard Johnson
Alliant Powder

Alliant Powder announced the company is now shipping its newest rifle powder: Reloader 16. According to the company, one of the chief characteristics of interest about this powder is its ability to deliver consistent accuracy on long range targets across a wide range of temperatures. In this way, the powder is said to be like Reloader 23 and AR Comp, two other powders offered by the company.

According to Alliant Powder, the key to the temperature stability is the use of something called TZ technology that “…manipulates the response of the propellant and resists the natural tendency to generate more pressure at higher temperatures and less pressure at lower temperatures.” Nifty.

Alliant also uses a proprietary additive that reduces copper fouling in the barrel.

The company suggests the powder is ideal for 6.5mm target loads and traditional hunting calibers such as the .270 Win and .30-06. The powder will be sold in two sizes: a one pound bottle and an eight pound keg.

The one pounder will carry a suggested retail price of $30.95 while the larger container will have a MSRP of $232.95. Online prices will likely be a touch cheaper, but don’t forget to add back in the HazMat fee.

Alliant Powder is part of the Vista Outdoor collection of companies that also includes Savage Arms, Blackhawk, Federal Premium, Bushnell, RCBS and Hoppe’s.

Richard Johnson
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