POTD: Korps Mariniers In Old Soviet Union Army Base

Eric B
by Eric B
Korps Mariniers In Old Soviet Union Army Base

Photo Of The Day and we hope you’re having a fantastic day! The Korps Mariniers, or Royal Netherlands Marine Corps, is the amphibious infantry component of the Royal Netherlands Navy. Established in 1665, the Korps Mariniers is one of the oldest marine corps in the world. They use both the Colt Canada C7 and the Colt Canada C8 as individual weapons and of course the FN MAG general-purpose machine gun.

Here they can be seen in Mahlwinkel, Saxony-Anhalt, Germany. Did you know that Mahlwinkel used to host the EuroBigGame Series, one of Europe’s largest paintball tournaments? The expansive playfield, set on a former Russian army base, attracted a lot of Paintballers from across the globe twice a year.

Below: That’s one tall Marine.

Here’s the caption, machine translated:

Future leaders in action
The aspiring NCOs and officers of the #Marine Corps work together as a Raiding Squadron during realistic training operations at the old Soviet base in Mahlwinkel, Germany.
During the FINEX of the training to become a Marine Corporal (VVO), the Marines carry out various offensive operations in both urban and natural environments. This intensive training prepares them for future challenges, with a strong focus on teamwork, tactical skills and perseverance.

Korps Mariniers In Old Soviet Union Army Base
Korps Mariniers In Old Soviet Union Army Base

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Source: Korps Mariniers Facebook page

Eric B
Eric B

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  • Seeing 20 inch barrels and collapsible stocks are making me feel things

  • Brian Dumas Brian Dumas on Jun 16, 2024

    I've seen some video of old soviet bases on discovery channel, thier series on abandonned places , they are creepy places and they look like 'places where you think you might encounter paranormal stuff going on,
    when the russian army bugged of these places they literally took the
    kitchen sinks, fixtures , silverware , and left alot of old non
    serviceable stuff laying about ,
    The Germans found large quantities of 5.45 x 39 ammo on the bases and
    developed a elaborate program to recycle what was usable and
    destroy the gunpowder . They also found alot of toxic waste there .
    actually they found alot of toxic waste all over eastern germany .