They Finally Did It: NEW Glock 17L Gen5 MOS

Daniel Y
by Daniel Y

That’s right folks, Glock has finally graced us with a new G17L. And not just any Glock 17L, but a Glock 17L Gen5 MOS. This has always been a less common model in the Glock catalog, so it was a bit of a surprise to see it added. But it is a very interesting model, so let’s check it out.

Glock @ TFB:

The 17L Gen5 MOS uses a standard Glock 17 frame but adds a 6.02-inch barrel. That extra sight radius is beneficial for accuracy. In the era of pistol micro dots that is less of an issue, and this is an MOS model so red dot compatibility is not a question. That extra barrel still does provide added velocity even if the sight radius isn’t necessary.

Pricing information is not yet available. Glock says it will be on dealer shelves “soon” so you might see one on a shelf near you any day.

From the manufacturers:

This high-performance GLOCK pistol featuring a long barrel, a well-balanced slide, long sight radius and a slightly lighter trigger pull is made for competition and enables reliable precision. The model G17L Gen5 features MOS technology, enabling effortless mounting of optical sights for faster target acquisition.

The G17L Gen5 MOS has been updated to include all Gen5 design features and technology. This includes the GLOCK Marksman Barrel (GMB) and the elimination of finger grooves for individualized grips. The G17L Gen5 MOS pistol is also designed with an added ambidextrous slide stop lever and the reversable magazine catch to enable optimal handling for both right and left-handed operators.

As Perfection Continues at GLOCK, we are continually in development of new technologies and expanding our product offering. We are excited to bring you these two new additions to the Gen5 line of pistols“ said Josh Dorsey, VP at GLOCK, Inc.

Gen5 GLOCK pistols are manufactured with the Safe Action® System. The Safe Action® System features three independently operating mechanical safeties that disengage sequentially as the trigger is pulled and automatically re-engage when the trigger is released. This allows for maximum performance and reliability while never compromising the safety of the pistol.

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Daniel Y
Daniel Y

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  • CanineCo CanineCo on May 21, 2024

    With the exception of losing the funky Gen 4 grips, I'm trying to figure out what the 17L adds to my 34 with Venom red dot sights.... If length is your goal, the Austrian made G34 Gen 4 is 8.25" front to back.

  • Walt Walt on May 25, 2024