[SHOT 2024] Canik Announces The Canik TTI Combat in Partnership with Taran Tactical

TFB Staff
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[SHOT 2024] Canik Announces The Canik TTI Combat in Partnership with Taran Tactical

At SHOT Show 2024, Canik, in partnership with Taran Tactical, has announced the launch of a new pistol, the Canik TTI Combat. Developed with expertise and design recommendations from Taran Butler, the TTI Combat is adorned with specialized features to improve performance and ease of use.

A prominent feature of the TTI Combat is its optic-ready slide The firearm also includes other notable features such as a quick attach compensator, tall fiber optic sights, and aggressive serrations on both the slide and controls. These features, combined in the TTI Combat, highlight the specialized design influence of Taran Butler and the continued quality firearms Canik is known for.

As per the specifics provided by Canik, the TTI Combat carries a capacity of 18 + 1 and features adjustable rear sights, providing users with versatility and adaptability to various situations.
The firearm is designed with a polymer frame, offering the robustness and durability expected from a Canik product.

In terms of dimensions, the barrel length measures 4.6″, the overall length is 7.85″, the height is 5.87″, and the width is 1.41″.

Given the success of previous products from Canik, the Canik TTI Combat is expected to uphold the brand’s reputation for producing reliable, efficient, and innovatively designed firearms.

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  • USMC Grunt2 USMC Grunt2 on Jan 28, 2024

    So tti recommends a comp on the barrel and a brown color? Because all the other features are already on the Mete. Trying to figure out exactly what TTI "advised" on for this pistol.

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    • Death Death on Feb 24, 2024

      @USMC Grunt2 Over the Mete SFX, the TTI Combat will get the comp, a better trigger, custom slide, custom slide release, competition-style flared mag well, a different mag extension, special carrying case, and a medallion that Taran likes to include with his firearms (it’s kinda his thing). At $950, I’m onboard with the TTI Combat.

  • Death Death on Feb 24, 2024

    Has a date been announced on when these expected to arrive in stores?