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Pedersoli Howdah 45410 - 660x437 14730728_791894264284134_4107993290702323712_n Henry410Shotgun 660x425 SLP-4 rhode Mossberg-590-Compact-AOW Capture2 1472489001562 Multiplex rounds, left to right: .30-06 long neck duplex, .22-06 long neck duplex, .25 Winchester FA T115 short neck duplex, .25 Winchester FA T127 long neck duplex, Colt 7.62 salvo squeezebore triplex, 7.62mm M198 duplex ball, 9.53x76mm Winchester quadruple flechette, .330 Amron Aerojet triple flechette.

Future Firearms Ammunition Technology 006: Multiplex Projectile Ammunition – Two, Three, Four for the Price of One?

After World War II, US Army analysts determined that the effectiveness of the infantryman was not as closely related to their marksmanship discipline as had been previously thought. It seemed that instead, the random environmental circumstances and effects, plus the [Read More…]

Stevens Model 320 Muddy Girl Fabarm STF12 Fabarm XLR5 Waterfowler image Capture Capture image Winchester Super X Adaptive Tactical 13438888_10154370514765337_3243213061406299328_n Salvo12 muzzle flash 3H0nNxp PHOTO_20160522_124657 shotgun Y-man and Mathilda May 2016 13178660_10156939312420002_531928899480003713_n 1London-2016-April-2 Screen Shot 2016-04-30 at 12.34.50 AM Shotgun_1_1200 nwtf whistling-shotgun-slugs gnatwarfare2 IMG_2414 Browning Citori 725 Sporting oath_TSR_expanded_measured_DSC7376web-660x441 Turkey shotgun dhs0100_4 13000165_1090402874368736_6995963692076042438_n SHF SBS Wilson Combat CQB ATI