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Historical cache of firearms seized in Britain

I don’t usually read The Daily Mail for its authentic and informative stories about the world, but some pretty interesting stuff does sometimes come out of it. Such as this story about a British parish council chairman in Suffolk who amassed over five hundred [Read More…]

Cobra Pumps

3.5″ Cobra Pumps

TriStar announced that the company would now sell its 12 gauge Cobra pump action shotguns with 3.5″ chambers. The new guns will be called Cobra Mag shotguns. The new shotguns will come in two varieties: a plain black model and a second model decked out in the [Read More…]

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Skeet on Ice!

This video came out in March of 2015, but is really a hoot of sorts to watch. Two women in Canada combine their love of skeet shooting and hockey, in addition to a very well choreographed drone camera, and create an excellent video of them hitting clay pigeons while [Read More…]

Melee 1 17in Line x

Bullet Proof Paint Line-X

Here is a not so scientific test, shooting a car door with a shotgun. I can’t quite tell what type of 12Ga round it is, but based on the lack of penetration to the door, I suspect it is bird shot. I am curious what Line-X will do against standard caliber rounds [Read More…]

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Libyan illicit arms Facebook Group

I came across this on accident, but there is a Facebook Group, based in Libya that is completely centered around the illicit small arms trade in that country. There is nothing surprising about the huge trade of illicit small arms in war torn countries, but the [Read More…]