Briley HONEYCOMB Shotgun Magazine Extensions

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by Hrachya H
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A new shotgun magazine extension may not sound like something newsworthy, however, Briley Manufacturing’s new HONEYCOMB extensions have a rather unusual design – they are skeletonized! Now, of course, dirt and debris will easily find their way into a magazine equipped with a skeletonized extension and cause malfunctions but I assume Briley HONEYCOMB extensions are made for competition shooting which is normally done in a more controlled environment compared to hunting or defensive and tactical use? I don’t know … sound off in the comments section.

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Briley Manufacturing HONEYCOMB shotgun magazine extensions are made of 6061 aluminum and are offered in black, red or blue colors of the anodized finish. According to the company, the use of aluminum allows the tube to have a large wall thickness to improve rigidity without compromising overall weight. These are +6 extensions and have an overall length of 13.5″. The HONEYCOMB extensions are available for a dozen different shotguns and shotgun families. Below is the list of all twelve currently available options each linked to the corresponding page of Briley Manufacturing’s website.

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The MSRP of Briley Manufacturing HONEYCOMB shotgun magazine extensions is $144.95 for versions with no sling swivel and $164.95 for those featuring a sling swivel. The magazine springs are included with these extensions.

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  • River_rover River_rover on Oct 13, 2023

    Dirt and debris find their way into my mag tubes without any holes. Maybe the holes will let it escape.

    • Trotro Trotro on Oct 17, 2023

      @River_rover This hole is for "exit only."


  • Jeff Jeff on Oct 16, 2023

    As an engineer, I don't think their engineers did their homework.