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Beretta 687 Silver Pigeon III Over&Under Shotgun (2) Deals-of-the-Week-Header-1 Federal Ammunition announces the Black Cloud TSS 20 gauge. Deals-of-the-Week-Header-1

Featured Deals of the Quarantine – 5/15/20

Hello and welcome back to another Featured Deals of the Week. I’m your host Benajmin F, coming to you live(ish) from the Boston quarantine. Prices are finally starting to return to normal-ish as panic buyers have mostly run out of panic. Plenty of stuff still has [Read More…]

Discreet rifle transport RECOIL BUSTER Shotgun Stocks (5) Czech Detonics GLADIATOR Double Barreled 50 Cal Muzzleloading and 410 Bore Shotguns (1) [SHOT 2020] Black Aces Tactical Bullpup Pump Action 12 Gauge Shotgun (1) Rock Island Armory Shotguns Savage Arms RENEGAUGE - Rifle Maker’s First Semiautomatic Shotgun Deals-of-the-Week-Header-1 Freedom Munitions & X-Treme Bullets has new owner

POTD: The Master Key

Photo Of The Day: Today we are going to have a look at The Master Key. According to Encyclopedias, a Master Key is ”a special type of key designed to open multiple locks.” Since this is The Firearms Blog it means you are looking at a Shotgun. A shotgun can’t open [Read More…]

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