Federal Ammunition Announces New No. 1 Buckshot Load

Daniel Y
by Daniel Y
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Federal Ammunition has a new shotgun load entering the market. This No. 1 Buckshot loading has 16 copper-plated pellets in every shell. Let’s take a detailed look at the rest of the features.

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Unlike the more common 00 buck loads with nine pellets, the No. 1 load has 16 pellets in a standard 2 3/4-inch shell. This splits the difference between a double aught buck and another popular option, #4 buck, with 27 pellets.

Federal lists a velocity of 1,325 feet per second, but does not say what barrel length that is from. Each package contains five shells and costs $15.99. Federal also claims “enhanced manufacturing quality tests and checks” which seems to line up with the price point. This new load is available for order now on the Federal website.

From the manufacturer:

Federal Ammunition announces a new offering in its Premium buckshot line. Federal makes its Premium line of shotshells to provide precision performance. The new 12-gauge, No. 1 buck is no exception. Its payload of 16 copper-plated pellets produces tight patterns for more hits and better stopping power on predators, deer, hogs and more.

“Copper-plated No. 1 Buckshot really rounds off our Premium buckshot lineup,” said Federal Shotshell Product Director Dan Compton. “No. 1 Buck really lands in a sweet spot, overall. It delivers increased pellet counts compared to larger buckshot sizes. Yet also provides greater energy and penetration on target than smaller buckshot sizes.”

Summary of features include: 16-pellets of No. 1 Buck copper-plated lead shot; 12-gauge, 2 ¾-inch magnum load with 1,325 feet-per-second muzzle velocity; Use of buffer to prevent pellet deformation and ensure dense, uniform patterns; Premium-quality wad, hull, primer; Enhanced manufacturing quality tests and checks; 5-round boxes; MSRP: $15.99.

Daniel Y
Daniel Y

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