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Federal Connection Rest In Peace Walter Berger - 1929-2021 - Gone But Not Forgotten TFB Weekly Amazon Deals 22 Scam Ammo Warning: Will the Real Fort Scott Munitions Please Stand Up? Russian Ammo Ban Update core-lokt tipped Berger has issued a safety recall for a small number of boxes of their 77-grain .223 ammunition. Vista Outdoor, parent company for several of the industry's key ammunition manufacturers, is unfortunately having to raise prices on some ammo and components. Winchester Awarded $5M Ammunition Contract by FBI TFB Weekly Amazon Deals 22 The Rimfire Report: An Eulogy for the Australian Made 42 Max Rimfire A Quick Rundown of Barrel Harmonics and the Power of Barrel Tuners Big Green Back On the Shelf: A Message from Remington to You On the heels of a recent Winchester and Browning-branded 9mm recall, now certain lots of Herter's ammo have been added to the list. The Rimfire Report: Reloading with Cutting Edge Bullets 22LR Kit Certain lots of Winchester and Browning 115gr 9mm ammo have been recalled for safety. SIG SAUER is expanding their ammunition manufacturing capabilities in Arkansas. Winchester Ammunition introduces their new USA Valor series ammo, supporting the Folds of Honor organization. Sierra Introduces MatchKing Competition Ammunition Line Gun Sales On the Rise - Can Ammunition Keep Up? Introducing the new American Sniper Line of Ammunition Hornady Ammunition & Kent Cartridge Price Increases Announced for June 2021 Barnaul Ammunition has released a new subsonic 9mm ammo choice. CMP Warns Against the Use of Certain .30-06 Ammunition NovX Ammo has released their new Pentagon series of defense ammunition. Remington President says Remington Ammunition is Back in "Full Swing" Vista Outdoors Announces July Price Increases for Components & Ammo Fiocchi Announces Ammunition Price Increases for 2021 Fiocchi Ammunition has announced a new and improved website experience for their customers.