[SHOT 2023] SIM-X Showcase Their Lead-Free Pistol Ammunition

    SIM-X at SHOT Show (Matthew Moss/TFB)


    SIM-X’s leadless ammunition offers some exciting possibilities. We caught up with them at the range today to try out some of their new pistol ammunition. SIM-X have been around for a few years but their product couldn’t be any more timely given the concerns around exposure to lead poisoning and environmental impacts.

    Essentially, SIM-X offers a lead-less projectile with some other interesting benefits. SIM-X say that their 45gr 9x19mm has the same capability as standard 128gr. SIM-X explain the benefits of their ammunition as:

    The SIM-X SubMass™ core(s) are approximately 80% – 90% lighter than standard lead core ammunition, but with equal or greater impact and tensile strength. Combined with muzzle velocities nearly twice that of standard pistol and carbine rounds these SubMass™ projectiles are light weight but have heavy impact.

    SIM-X at SHOT Show (Matthew Moss/TFB)

    SIM-X are currently offering their line of ‘Defense Core’ ammunition for self-defense in three calibers: 9x19mm, .40S&W and .45 APC. Having shot all three, none of them felt in anyway anaemic. Currently in development are line specialised for duty carry, range training and for military applications. SIM-X hope to have some rifle caliber ammunition ready in 2024. Some of the benefits SIM-X explained to use was the absence of copper powder and lead, the decrease in the likelihood of ricochets and reduced recoil without a reduction in velocity and effect on target. They also noted that despite its reduced mass the ammunition runs well in suppressed weapons.

    SIM-X at SHOT Show (Matthew Moss/TFB)

    SIM-X currently have two projectile designs. The first is a synthetic composite core:

    SIM-X proprietary synthetic core is a heavy-duty viscoplastic material that behaves as a solid but has the characteristics of a non-Newtonian fluid. The result is a lightweight, SubMass™ projectile that achieves a better gas seal in the bore. This translates into very high velocities combined with perfect control over penetration and expansion, cycling the firearm without the need for weapon modification or +P pressures.

    While the second is the Kinetic-Ceramic Core:

    The Kinetic-Ceramic core is 10X stronger than lead with a polymer matrix that produces flexible properties. These properties create a projectile that achieves a better gas seal in the bore, allowing significantly higher velocities. Additionally, SubMass™ technology cycles firearms smoothly and effectively and without modification or +P pressures.

    SIM-X at SHOT Show (Matthew Moss/TFB)

    Find out more about SIM-X at their website www.simxammo.com.

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