New For 2023: Hornady Precision Lab Scale

    New For 2023: Hornady Precision Lab Scale

    Hornady has announced a new reloading scale for 2023 with a 0.01-grain readout. The new Precision Lab Scale promises increased accuracy for the discerning reloader, as well as some convenient features for those who are data-obsessed.

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    Most commercial reloading scales only measure with 0.1-grain accuracy. Oftentimes, it is unclear when or if the scale rounds up or down. Some 0.01 scales do exist, but they are not commonly available at most gun stores. This new scale will probably be much more accessible for the average reloader who likely shops at a store carrying Hornady already.

    Another interesting feature is the ability to print to a spreadsheet. Reloaders can be extremely detail oriented with the data they track. Outputting data from the scale directly to a spreadsheet may be a time saver for the more obsessive reloaders.

    New For 2023: Hornady Precision Lab Scale

    From the manufacturer:

    When precision is your goal, you need the most precise tool available for measuring on your reloading bench. The Hornady® Precision Lab Scale provides a .01 grain readout. The Hornady® Precision Lab Scale brings science to reloading — the science of success to your reloading bench (cable provided).


    • 3,000 grain capacity

    • High and low sensitivity

    • Easy calibration

    • Compare, percent and count modes

    • Print to spreadsheet function

    Hornady has not released availability or price information yet. I did find one website listing the Precision Lab Scale as “coming soon” with an MSRP of $414.84. Obviously, that price should be taken with a hefty grain of salt. Keep an eye out for it at your favorite reloading supplier.

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