Composite-Cased 5.56 Ammunition From True Velocity

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Composite-Cased 5.56 Ammunition From True Velocity

Ammunition has looked largely the same for over one hundred years. Looks, however, can be extremely deceiving. Inside the tiny capsules, changes in technology are ever-advancing. Bullet design, consistent primers, and better powder have been the focus for many years. True Velocity has turned its attention to the final component of a cartridge and has developed composite-cased ammunition, aiming to leave brass in the past. Now, the composite company’s three 5.56x45mm variations are available to civilians.

True Velocity @ TFB:

Composite-Cased 5.56 Ammunition From True Velocity

Texas-based ammunition manufacturer TV Ammo, Inc. (“True Velocity”) announced today the launch of its composite-cased 5.56x45mm cartridge, making the company’s advanced, lightweight ammunition available in the most widely consumed caliber in the U.S. commercial market.

Beginning in July 2023, True Velocity’s 5.56 round will be available for purchase at Bass Pro Shops and Cabela’s retail locations nationwide, as well as online at and

Composite-Cased 5.56 Ammunition From True Velocity

True Velocity’s 5.56x45mm ammunition comes in three flavors. It’s available in 55-grain FMJ, 69-grain Sierra MatchKing, and 77-grain Sierra MatchKing. These use CCI #41 primers to start the firing process. The composite-cased ammunition is claimed to have several benefits to brass. True Velocity says the material offers excellent dimensional consistency, enhanced accuracy, reduced heat transfer, and weight savings of about 30 percent.


  • Bullet weights: 55, 69, 77
  • Rounds per box: 20
  • Bullet types: FMJ, Sierra MatchKing
  • FPS: 3000
  • Price: $24.99 – $39.99
Composite-Cased 5.56 Ammunition From True Velocity

If you’d like to read even more information, head over to the True Velocity website. Make sure you also follow along on social media for additional updates. True Velocity can be found on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. Keep innovating and pushing the limits!

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  • TDog TDog on Jul 24, 2023

    We've seen plastic shotgun hulls deform in the tube when left in too long, so I wonder how they were able to get around this problem. If the plastic is too stiff, it will shatter. If it's too soft, it will crimp or deform. And then there's the question of temperature - at what point does it begin to have issues?

    Plastic, in my opinion, is a compromise. What it sacrificed in the name of weight savings has probably not been too heavily publicized, but I have a feeling it will leave a lot of people unhappy when it finally becomes public knowledge.

  • Ryfyle Ryfyle on Jul 25, 2023

    Yesh, could we get a coupon for some of those boxes?