Warne Introduces Shotgun Rib-Mounted Red Dot Scope Base

Zac K
by Zac K
This base is supposed to mount to almost any vent rib on the market. [Warne]

Want to add an optic to your shotgun, but it’s set up for bird- or clay-busting, with a vent rib? Good news: Warne has a new rib-mounted scope base that allows you to attach a red dot optic to your shotgun’s barrel, for improved wing shooting or even stationary targets.

Warne @ TFB:

The new Warne Shotgun Rib Mount is made of lightweight, aircraft-grade aluminum and has enough built-in adjustability to fit the vent ribs on most shotgun barrels. Warne has a proprietary clamp that lets you attach this mount directly without any need to drill and tap.

Because it’s a universal-mount option, shooters can attach this to almost any shotgun they want instead of having to buy a specific receiver-fitted mount for each shotgun. There is a rib-mounted base available for most red dot sights including Micro- and Acro-style bases. There’s also a base that should fit most of the popular reflex sights on the market.

One other advantage that the rib-mounted base has over beefier receiver bases is the low profile. Warne Scope Mounts’ president/CEO Brian Motland says “Our proprietary clamp design allows for a lower sight picture than picatinny-mounted shotgun optics, enhancing the shooting experience for hunters, competitors, and tactical users alike.” Good point—given the quickly rising popularity of red dots across the shotgun market, there is a huge market to fill—although there are some competing designs on the market as well.

Wingshooters, tactical gunners and other shotgun users can all appreciate the advantage of adding an optic. [Warne]
Of course, shotguns with pre-cut receivers, like Mossberg’s recent announcements, will allow you to mount your red dot even lower and without any added accessories, but for the millions of shotguns out there in gun lockers already, the Warne mount is an easy upgrade.

Warne says the mount only weighs 1.6 ounces. If paired with a lightweight optic, the added bulk should be practically unnoticeable. It’s already available for sale in gun stores and through the Warne Scope Mounts online store, at a $61.99 MSRP.

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