Remington's New Multitasking Nitro-Steel Duplex Load

Luke C.
by Luke C.

There is a load of shotgun shells out there that can completely change the task that your shotgun is capable of handling. Duplex loads can often help bridge the gap between two different tasks or ranges. Remington’s new Nitro-Steel Duplex load is a new high-velocity shot shell loaded with two different sizes of shot. At the time of launch, there will be two available shot combinations, with two additional shot combinations coming at a later date.

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Remington’s New Multitasking Nitro-Steel Duplex Load

More Steel to the Birds. More Birds to the Ground.

Remington Duplex shells are loaded with two different sizes of steel shot for ultimate performance at all ranges. Blended, high velocity magnum steel payload gives dense patterns with the smaller shot size close up, while the larger shot hits hard close and maintains energy at longer ranges.

  • DUPLEX™ SHOT LOAD – Two shot sizes for deadly patterns at all ranges
  • REMINGTON WAD – Super tough, versatile four-petal shot cup protects barrels and performs across wide range of choke designs
  • NITRO VELOCITY – Maximum velocity for true magnum-blended steel payloads
  • ULTRA CAPACITY STEALTH HULL – High base, quality head and drab hull for less reflection

The two current shot combinations available in the new Nitro-Steel Duplex line are #2 and #6 shots, and #2 and #4 shots. Both loads feature a muzzle velocity of 1450 fps and are intended for waterfowl hunting. Compared to some of the more recently popular shotshells featuring more exotic materials or special wadding, Remington’s new Nitro-Steel duplex loads come in at a more affordable $40 per 25 shells making them more economical to pattern and hunt with. For more information on Remington’s new Nitro-Steel Duplex 12 gauge loads, you can visit

Luke C.
Luke C.

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  • Andrew Andrew on Oct 21, 2023

    I like to pick my empties, so I would not prefer the OD green hull and black brass.

    A #4 and #6 combo in 20g would probably be pretty good for doves.