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tiger stripe ar-15 2DIK2 rear-tech-sight-ruger-111914 AACMPW3

Gun Explodes in Girl’s Hands

In this old video (dating back to at least 2009) an adult man and a teenage girl are shown shooting M1 Garand rifles. The gun stock is to large for the girl and she is standing in that terrible bent back stance and is rocked back on her heels after every shot. After a [Read More…]

photo_1-20140321-104537[1] h and h WPR_4752 (1) ps5RifleGhillieFoundationUngarnishedrightsideBlowup40 Sake TRG-22 test rifle for Eagle Eye .308 Win The Business End - Sniper Rifle - 001 T WPR_4441-5 (1) Modernized Howa Type 89

The Modernized Howa Type 89 Rifle

A reader sent us this photo showing three Japan Self-Defense Force members (they are not called soldiers for political reasons) with Modernized Howa Type 89 rifles (ignore the “sniper” mannequin on the right who is holding a Bushmaster ACR airsoft gun). [Read More…]

700UltimateMLS_Scope-Beauty Capture m16a1 carbine IMG_1520 (1) IMG_3514 side_by_side_full