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rfff Photo credit to Adam Bettcher, Jordan, MN.

Review:Lights, Sights, Lasers Course Overview

Recently, myself and three friends attended a course taught by Wes Doss called Lights, Sights, and Lasers Tour in Wabash, Indiana. We’ve blogged about the course before on TFB but this will be an in depth review of the course materials covered and the courses of [Read More…]

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How to avoid scope bite

Kirsten Joy Weiss’ latest video is on the subject of avoiding scope bite. Most of the time scope bite is nothing more than a slight pain and embarrassment. Other times it can be worse. A friend of mine, a veteran hunter and hunting magazine writer, has a large [Read More…]

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PSA: Be aware of your target

Of course, the full extent of that statement is “Be aware of your Target, and what lies beyond and in between”. This applies to all shooting activities, from tactical shooting, to plinking, and in this case to hunting. In a recent NBC report, a stray round [Read More…]

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