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IMG_5420 Screen shot 2015-10-11 at 1.52.19 PM 11930899_1118744204820471_2249459758218237294_o Rifle B 11891854_734898126655410_1581149479270668501_o (2) GA_01 DSCF6602 io_00 IMG_5318 IMG_5378 IMG_5386 FCB6942BA3BF9443 IMG_5905 l4vrhj129u1nf7dz1v15 IMG_5274 IMG_5212 SM15


Chris from SMOS writes … This is the SM15 from Stubborn Mule Outdoor Supply. This is a straightforward AR 15 built to last. V7 extreme environment gas tube, full auto carrier properly staked. Magpul furniture. 1:8 16 inch chrome lined barrel with AAC non mount [Read More…]

shooter-sandbag-tan-12 Screen Shot 2015-06-12 at 02.33.39

Small Arms of Furious 7

Ever since the movie came out in theaters, I’ve been waiting to buy it and take copious amounts of screen shots in order to make this post. Well, the movie was released on the 15th to the general public for paid download, you can go buy it yourself here at Google [Read More…]