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Featured Deals of the Week Header First Firearm Series: First 22lr Carmel HK33 snek themed AR-15 lower qbz03 border guards Estonian 5.56 demo Dead Air Sandman-S: 10,000 Rounds Later

BOTW: Michael’s Predator Hunting AR Build

The 17th Installment of Build of the Week was contributed by Michael G.  This is one of the most complete submissions to date and includes prices. Keep the submissions coming in!  We are publishing them in the order in which they were received (with the exception of a [Read More…]

Make Ready Procedure

While many are seen shooting the latest Gucci AR15 or trying out the latest gear, how many are actually taking the time to ensure their gear is properly set up in a systematic way every time before it is used? The gear is an important facet, but ensuring everything is [Read More…]

RISE Armament announces new Patriot Trigger to be released over Memorial Day weekend. Civilian MSBS M27s all up in here Estonian 5.56 demo A custom rifle configured for 2 and 3 gun competition by KE Arms.

The Rise of 2 Gun

Recently, I had the opportunity to shoot the Desert Brutality match outside Phoenix, AZ. Organized by Ian and Karl from InRangeTV, Desert Brutality was a two-day match that amplified the physicality of a normal 2 Gun match. It was a fantastically fun match and the [Read More…]