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enfield em-2 Exoskeleton test © 2013 Daniel M. Baechle g 4 of us 2015-06-16 00_15_53-Untitled Document _LGY1750 44 sniperpic1 Screen shot 2015-05-30 at 10.37.08 PM GM AR Lower IMG_4921

SCAR Hs in Kenya

This post came about in a roundabout way. SOFREP recently posted this article about a recent raid in Kenya against al-Shabaab. However, the photo they used for their article is from the Westgate Mall attack almost two years ago (September 24 2013). Nonetheless, the [Read More…]

IMG_5127 m4 drone M1911A1 Early-bullpups-01 40mm mwt B&T MP9N (Photo © Starik) 11193327_798043356976606_6858280561104507140_n 775-confirmed-kills-630x980

History POTD: 775 Confirmed Kills

This photo of Belorussian Soviet Snipers was taken in Germany on May 4, 1945. These woman had 775 confirmed kills between themselves, out of  the 12,000 confirmed kills credited to female snipers in the Soviet Army. Female snipers of the 3rd Shock Army, 1st Belorussian [Read More…]

m4a1 carbine Iraq Airforce AC-208B fires Hellfire an-94