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IMG_6909ii mg51 mg64 1614521_840753759280515_5640572233884087033_o (1) Hunt, Tomlin, Me (1) mg741 ukrainian seperatist M14 EBR in Afghanistan advisor musket laos IMG_1520 (1) AHEAD Air Burst Munition IMG_3942 issued hk416n-1 1205077_original IMG_4156 An interesting wrap around a soldier's AK74. patrol gear OIF (1) size0 smg The Army Combat Uniform in the Universal Camouflage Pattern spear motor1 1209787 FN FNX-45, developed by FNH USA for the Joint Combat Pistol Program Taiwan 9mm MSR  Submachine Gun Prototype 2 The author clears a double-feed on a malfunctioning StG-44. Photo © Bryan Jones

Colt SWORD: Bringing Guns, Android Phones and Drones Together

The Colt SWORD (Sniper Weapon & Observer Reconnaissance Devices) Technology Demonstrator connects a variety of COTS (Commercial Off-The-Shelf) and MOTS (Military Off-The-Shelf) components together into a deployable package. The system is hard to describe in a single [Read More…]

Gewehr 98; a typical long barrel full power repeating rifle 5 British Royal Military Police reservists korea xk13 Civil War U.S. Springfield Model 1861 Percussion Rifle-Musket

The Humble Trapdoor

The Trapdoor rifle design is not one you hear about often. It was a breach-loading stopgap between the end of the muzzleloading era and the emergence of bolt actions. Most of the world went straight to the bolt action. Prussia adopted the bolt action Needle gun [Read More…]