An Austrian Uzi? The Steyr MPi 81 and MPi 69

    The 9x19mm NATO MPi 69 and its improved variant the MPi 81 certainly don’t take many points for revolutionizing submachine gun design. But nonetheless, they are interesting designs of their own accord, essentially based on the Uzi from Israel and taking some elements from the Steyr AUG rifle which was also in development at the time.

    The MPi 69 was unique in that it used the forward attachment point of the sling to serve as a cocking handle. This meant that a soldier could charge his weapon by simply yanking it away from him. Although innovative, it was really a one-off and this feature disappeared with the redesign of the MPi 81. There was also a port firing weapon that had an AUG scope mounted on it and a longer barrel so that it could be fired from the inside of an armored personnel carrier.

    MPi 69
    MPi 81
    Steyr AUG

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