Alliance PD Shoot House

    Nestled in small Alliance, Ohio is the Alliance Police Training Range. One of the main attractions at the Alliance facility is the 8,100 square foot 360 degree shoot house. The Alliance PD Range was established to provide quality training to military, law enforcement, and responsibly armed civilians. Many engagements happen in or around structures, but few ranges have the facilities to train for these encounters.

    Shoot House

    The shoot house is comprised of 6 rooms with a t intersecting hallway.

    The long hallway provides more challenges to shooters. .

    In each of these rooms there are various tables, chairs, and obstacles to be used for CQB training.

    The large wooden furniture seems to hold up well and provides obstacles for shooters to clear behind.

    In the shoot house students are able to use utilize live fire, UTMs, and force on force to help prepare for conditions beyond the square range.

    UTMs provide a great option for force on force and force on paper.

    A large metal catwalk is located above the shoot house to provide a different viewpoint for other students to see the performance of their peers.

    The catwalk provides a birds eye view for shooters to learn from fellow students.

    Having the shoot house 100 yards from a square range also allows for easy transitions from basic manipulation drills to more advanced application.

    Even the square range is well built and thoughtfully designed.

    Doors open in differing directions to make shooters problem solve when making entry into rooms.

    Having numerous doors allows instructors to change the entry point to a room and also change the direction the door opens to a room for added training value.

    Multiple entrances and exits force students to think differently as they assault from different entrances as opposed to always entering through the same room.

    The shoot house also has locks setup to practice shotgun breaching.


    Live fire courses inside the shoot house require ballistic rated armor and helmets. The armor rating must match the firearms being used during the course. For example a pistol course would require a minimum armor rating that would defeat at least the pistol calibers being used in the course. For some courses rental equipment is available.

    Traveling Instructors

    Many outside instructors frequent the Alliance PD Range offering courses year round. Some of the instructors include Steve Fisher, LMS Defense, Will Petty, and Modern Samurai Project to name a few. I highly recommend taking a course at the Alliance PD Range. They consistently have a full schedule of instruction that can benefit any level or background of shooter.

    Civilian Application

    Many often think of the 1980s face masked swat team members when the terms CQB or shoot house are used. However, even civilians can greatly benefit from shoot house courses. Whether a Mom is forced to fight through her home to get to a child or an young man is forced to fight his way out of an office building, the skills and problem solving are great tools that are easily lost if not practiced.

    Something for All

    Whether you are a patrol officer, infantryman, or mom wanting to better protect her family the Alliance shoot house has courses and facilities that can help any level of shooter. Few other ranges can compete with the facilities at Alliance or the knowledge and experience level of their instructors.

    Richard L.

    Richard lives in southern Indiana and has a strong interest in training, modified pistols, optics, and low profile gear/tactics. Some may consider it hoarding or some form of addiction, but he never tires in his pursuits as a stamp and lumen collector!

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