ZORE Initiates a Military & Law Enforcement Discount Program


    ZORE has been making waves in the shooting industry with their unique safety locks for firearms. Back in April of this year, we at TFB actually had the opportunity to review one for ourselves. Zore touts themselves as the the world’s fastest locked-to-loaded gun lock maker and it is pretty difficult to argue against that with their ZORE-X Gun Lock.

    Now they are looking to help out those who help all of us. They recently initiated a Military and Law Enforcement Discount Program to help the men and women of this country who protect and serve all of us on a daily basis. This Military and Law Enforcement Discount Program will give 10% off purchases of the ZORE-X Gun Lock to applicable military, law enforcement and veterans.

    Bruno Escojido, the CEO of ZORE, had this statement to make further elaborating upon the roll-out of the new discount program:

    Those who serve and protect us deserve our respect and gratitude – not just in word but in action. This program is a small token of our appreciation for their service and dedication to their fellow citizens and country. As a company founded by veterans, we believe in giving back to that community.


    Many police departments have already adopted the ZORE-X Gun Lock into their departments as regular use items. One such department is the Maine Police Department which Stephen Day is a part of. He, too, shared his thoughts on the new Military and Law Enforcement Discount Program now available:

    As an early supporter of ZORE, I’m proud that they’ve chosen to provide my fellow law enforcement officers and military personnel a discount on their products. Law enforcement officers are responsible for keeping people safe, and a product like ZORE, that can help keep kids safe from firearms in the home, is a must for any gun-owner, including off-duty police.

    To find more information about this Military and Law Enforcement Discount Program, visit their website HERE for further details.

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