TFB Review: ZORE-X Caliber Specific Gun Locks

Adam Scepaniak
by Adam Scepaniak

If you own firearms, one necessity everyone needs is a gun lock. Whether you own a gun safe, small rope locks for the action of your firearm or you have been so ambitious as to create a safe room, all gun owners need a means and a way to safely lock and store their firearms. That is where ZORE-X Gun Locks come into play.

Not everyone feels the need for a gun safe, safe room or even to own a small lock box safe. Often times gun owners are searching for something much more simple to allow for their firearms to always be available yet in a safe condition.

What ZORE-X does for the user is it safely locks the firearm, but once it is unlocked through a combination code entered on a side Rapidial you can rack and eject the lock. Then, assuming a loaded magazine was already inserted into the pistol, once the ejected lock clears and the slide travels forward into battery, your firearm is now loaded for defense or recreation.

ZORE-X is a caliber-specific, electro-mechanical lock that attaches to a semi-automatic or automatic firearm, preventing unauthorized use, while ensuring immediate accessibility by the owner when needed.

Further more, it is touted as allowing for quick disengagement of the lock and chambering a round in one swift charging motion; the fastest locked-to-loaded gun lock on the market.

zore-x gun lock: specifications

Before we dive into the full use of this product, we will take a look at the complete specifications since this is definitely a gun lock most of us have not seen before.

  • Calibers: 9mm (Available) | .40 S&W (Coming Soon) | .45 ACP (Coming Soon)
  • Weight: 4.7 Ounces
  • Materials: AISI 4340, ST.S 17-4 PH, H900, SIlicone, Nylon 6/6 GF, Peek
  • Battery: CR2 3.0V
  • Battery Life: 3,500 Locks/Unlocks (2 – 3 Years Standard Use)
  • Length: 2.77″
  • Width: 1.78″
  • Height: 1.32″
  • California DOJ Approved Firearms Safety Device
  • Pending Patents in the USA & Many Other Countries
  • 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee
  • 2-Year Warranty
  • Assembled & Tested in the U.S.A.

On the ZORE website, there are over 25 different manufacturers listed as being compatible with this gun lock in 9mm. From that list of manufacturers, it is then broken down into individual models. The compatibility list is extensive to put it lightly so if you want to know if your 9mm pistol will work please visit ZORE’s website.

zore-x gun lock: range trial

This product was presented to me by my good friend, co-worker and co-writer Miles Vining. Understanding that a gun lock should be safe, effective and intuitive to use with your firearm, I never bothered to open the box or research the product until I got to the range.

Trial by gunfire!

Being the only one at an indoor range while cracking the seal on the box, I did the manly thing to do and began trying to figure out the product without reading the directions… which was a failure. To reset the Rapidial code and unlock it for the 1st time requires a specific sequence of manipulations. It is definitely something you will not guess and I will leave the specifics to the owner’s manual. I highly recommend reading the directions thoroughly your first time through.

Once a personal Rapidial code has been created by the user, you may begin locking and unlocking your firearm.

The 1st time I attempted to quickly unlock the ZORE-X Gun Lock and fire one round down range it worked, but the gun lock did not so much eject out of the chamber as it slowly dribbled out. I chalked it up as user error and being a newb to the product.

The 2nd time I ran the sequence of ejecting the lock and shooting one round down range, the ZORE-X Gun Lock, for a lack of a better verb, squirted out. Not a high flying ejection like I was hoping for, but improvement was already evident.

The 3rd time of entering my Rapidial code, ejecting the gun lock and shooting a round was noticeably smoother. This time I would say it ejected a couple feet away from me; clearing my shooting area or bubble.

The rest of my range testing was a monotonous continuation of ejecting the lock and shooting one round down range for about 20 cycles of this process. Every cycle after the first 3 ejected the gun lock out like it was a brass cartridge; far away and clear of the shooter.

zore-x gun lock: post range thoughts

After casing up the ZORE-X Gun Lock and heading home to clean pistols for the day I had a lot of thoughts on this product.

The first few ejections of the lock were very sluggish. The ZORE-X Gun Lock may require a break-in period because it markedly improved after the first 3 uses. Counterargument to my own thoughts… I was using a Glock pistol I built with a Faxon Firearms Match-Grade 9mm barrel. ZORE-X already has a very extensive list of compatible firearm makes and models and it does not list Faxon. To expect them to account for aftermarket barrel makers would be unreasonable, but impressive if they did.

While the 1st time using the gun lock was awkward and confusing, it was second nature to me by the end of my range trial. Like anything, be sure to practice and get acquainted with this product.

The Rapidial wheel was very easy to use and I did find that to be intuitive. That is a feature I appreciated a lot versus the bike-lock, combination-style some gun locks use.

Another nice feature to the ZORE-X Gun Lock is how it automatically “scrambles” the lock or Rapidial after you are done using it. It is not like the mechanical lock on a large gun safe where you need to reset it or spin the dial when you are done.

One downside to this lock is it can be picked (to a certain extent). I am not a locksmith, lock picker or have screwdriver ninja skills, but to test how well it locks I tried some things with a small flathead screwdriver. With the extractor of your firearm secured on the ZORE-X Gun Lock, your firearm will remain locked. With a significant amount of grunting, prying, a few swear words and stabbing of a flathead you can lift your extractor off the ZORE-X Gun Lock; thus, unlocking.

Is the ZORE-X Gun Lock safe?… You bet! No child will be able to achieve this. Can the lock be “hacked” or “picked” with the right tools, a fair amount of time and work?… Yes, like every lock on the market, it is susceptible to tampering.

For what it’s worth, I have never heard of a gun lock that could not be picked. Large, upright safes are a different story normally, but gun locks less than $500 can always be penetrated by some MacGyver, somewhere.

For our less fortunate California residents who are subjected to very stiff storage and safety laws, I believe this is a great product for them specifically. You have a California DOJ Approved Firearms Safety Device that quickly can load your firearm in defense.

zore-x gun lock: final thoughts

The ZORE-X Gun Lock is a tool you definitely want to read the owner’s manual first before using. After practicing with it awhile it was very easy to use and worked great. If you are in a pinch and need to hack your own lock, it can be done. Bear in mind, all gun locks are fallible to a certain extent even steel safes. I believe this is a good product for certain storage needs and situations.

The final determining factor that may make you agree or disagree with me… the MSRP of the ZORE-X Gun Lock is $199.

For anyone who is reading this review near the original date of publish, ZORE is running a Limited Time Offer – Spring Sale. Check that out on their website if you are interested.

Adam Scepaniak
Adam Scepaniak

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  • American Patriot American Patriot on Apr 14, 2018

    My gun lock is not having my finger on the trigger.

  • Carlcasino Carlcasino on Apr 15, 2018

    I have several relatives in law enforcement and all the conversations we have had about Gun Safety, Child Proofing, safes etc. the consensus is if it's daylight and you can know it's necessary to arm yourself and a few seconds to minutes is available everything from gun in one location and ammunition in another to a double dial safe is fine. The gun beside my bed is ready for trigger pull 24/7, My CC is trigger ready. Everything else is in the vault anchored to the cement slab with 3/4" X 6" grade 5 bolts, overseen by Nana my 100 # four legged companion. All my Children and Grand Children are Gun trained from cradle to today. I have several cable gun locks that I have gave away & more if anyone needs some.
    The only truly safe gun is one that is always loaded whether it is or not! My Prayer is for Abortion Deaths to come down to Gun Deaths. Then we can have a conversation about Gun Control.