LEAKED: DEVGRU’s New Breaching Shotgun, Mk 4 Mod 1 (April Fools)

    A confidential source at Dam Neck Naval Base has recently shared photographs of the newest addition to the armory of the infamous direct action element within SEAL Team Six. Due to urgent operational requirements to work covertly in extremely hostile environments, DEVGRU (known for the OBL raid) recently had a rush purchase of what would appear to the naked eye as a craft produced shotgun. Apparently, this is exactly what the secretive force had in mind in order to clandestinely approach a target location and be able to have a breaching solution that wouldn’t alert civilians in the vicinity to the true nature of the mission. From what we know, it appears that any sighting of the force in the open would be more akin to a local gang collecting hashish revenue than an actual JSOC component in the wild.

    According to our source, the Mk 4 Mod 1 is a break open, single shot, hammer fired, 12 gauge shotgun with two variants of folding stocks. Both stocks are essentially Kalashnikov patterns, the one folding to the right being of an East German configuration and the under folder being the classic Soviet AKMS design. When asked about the shoddy welding job on the rear of the grip our source replied that “Sometimes the guys get roughed up when handling the shotgun because the jagged edges cut into the web of their hands. But it goes right along with our entire philosophy here at Dam Neck that what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.”

    From what we’ve also gathered the shotguns are made in the United States but have a very crude inscription on the chamber that reads “PAK MADE”. This is possibly to confuse an enemy force that picks the shotguns up if they need to be “ditched”.

    Our source didn’t provide any close-up photos of the compensator because it actually uses a proprietary design that is still in development throughout SOCOM. When asked if the Mk 4 Mod 1 has passed any SAMI standards for proofing or stress testing we couldn’t get a clear answer.


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