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Glock 35 Exploded

Cowboy Guns posted this on their Facebook Page. Their buddy had a squib in his KKM barrel. According to Cowboy Guns, Glock will fix the gun for $225 and KKM will replace the barrel. Not sure if this was with reloads or factory ammo. However it is very nice that Glock [Read More…]

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Glock 17M Recall Update

As many of you might be aware, we are keeping close tabs on the Glock 17M voluntary recall that Indianapolis Metro Police Department issued following failures encountered while dry firing the pistols during training. The failure that an unnamed source from within the [Read More…]


Lightning Review: Sticky Holster LG-2 for Glock 19 (and Other Pistols) – The Best “Universal” Holster There Is?

The Glock 19, along with its close clones and equivalents, is in my opinion the ideal “universal” civilian pistol. Small enough to carry concealed, but large enough to shoot well, the Glock can serve equally well as an every day carry gun or as a home [Read More…]

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