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Ghost Glock

Spectre 80% Polymer Glock Frame

Polymer 80 is coming out with an 80% Glock frame. They are available for pre-sale for $135. MSRP is $179.99. A bit steep for an 80% polymer frame. The kit will include drill bits, the jig, end mill bits and a custom locking block. They project to have frames ready to [Read More…]

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glock 2

Big 3 East: Glock Showed Up

While Glock did not have anything new to unveil at the Big 3 East, something remarkable should be noted. They showed up. For those not familiar with the Big 3 East, it is an invitation only media event that gets manufacturers and prominent media icons together. It is [Read More…]

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Small Arms of Furious 7

Ever since the movie came out in theaters, I’ve been waiting to buy it and take copious amounts of screen shots in order to make this post. Well, the movie was released on the 15th to the general public for paid download, you can go buy it yourself here at Google [Read More…]