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New SilencerCo Threaded Barrels for Glock

In the latest addition to their #FightTheNoise campaign SilencerCo has expanded their line of threaded barrels. The two new additions are made for the Glock 22 and 23, both of which are .40 S&W pistols. The new barrels join a group of eight pistol barrels currently [Read More…]

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Glock vs XDS

Glock 43 vs Springfield XDS 9

Andrew of GY6 Vids compares the Glock 43 to the Springfield XDS 9mm. Andrew mentions that many people like to compare the M&P Shield to the Glock 43 but they are not the same sized gun. He is right, the Shield is a slightly bigger weapon compared to the Glock 43. [Read More…]

Glock barrel 2

Miami Glock Barrels

I came across the concept of the Miami Glock Barrels in an online conversation with an LEO from Miami. He had mentioned “Miami Glock Barrel” in his conversation and I had no idea what he was talking about. Miami Police Department partnered with Glock to [Read More…]

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[Big 3 East] New Glock 36

At the last BigBox o 3 East back in October 2015, Glock was invited and they came to answer our questions as well as to show us their recent pistols like the MOS line. Now they have returned and showed us their newlu updated Glock 36. They have added an accessory rail [Read More…]

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Historical cache of firearms seized in Britain

I don’t usually read The Daily Mail for its authentic and informative stories about the world, but some pretty interesting stuff does sometimes come out of it. Such as this story about a British parish council chairman in Suffolk who amassed over five hundred [Read More…]

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Loading pistol

One Inch Punch To Chamber A Pistol

Fieldcraft LLC shared this video of Tyler chambering a Glock by simply punching out fast. Similar to Bruce Lee’s infamous One Inch Punch, Tyler punches outward as he draws his Glock. The inertia of the slide keeps the slide from moving forward as he pushes the [Read More…]

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Ant-Man Movie Magic Glock 17

We all know Hollywood takes some liberties with firearms. Endless ammo, exaggerated performance, etc. The list goes on and on. I recently caught a blatant error in the Marvel movie ANT-MAN. When Hank Pym, played by Michael Douglas, confronts his old assistant Darren [Read More…]