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Magpul PMAG17 GL9 Glock Mags

Magpul has been on a roll lately with all the new products they’ve been debuting before SHOT Show 2015. Just yesterday they released teasers for their PMAG D60 drum mag and their new AK47 handguards, magazines and stocks. They just dropped another sneak peak video [Read More…]

20141214_143234 10885451_762368550505152_4057657310810737603_n-390x258 IMG_3601 Treetop glock

Glock vs. Glock (Continued)

The Daily Beast reports on the latest Glock family drama … For at least three days in November, a “professional detective” employed by Glock Sr. sat outside of Helga’s Austrian home in a SEAT Toledo with tin foil covering the windows, according to sworn [Read More…]

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Weekend Photo: Happy Glocks

Oleg wrote … My first handgun is Glock 34 Gen 4. Since Glocks are quite popular, I mark my magazines to avoid mix ups at shooting range. Instead of putting initials or numbers I put a smiling face. Submit photos you have taken to TFB’s Photo Of The Day.